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Keep Growing With JR Ridinger: Resetting The 2-3 Year Plan Clock

Welcome back to another all-new edition of “Keep Growing with JR Ridinger.” On this week’s edition, JR explains the two to three year plan and how it’s time to set your clock back.

JR always stresses the importance of time and how in order to grow in this business, you need to put in the time to succeed. Your results are a direct result of how hard you work and if you follow the proven business plan.

Your Market America clock did not start when you signed up and registered your UnFranchise business. Until you become a Master UFO, then you are just in “school” learning about the business. Consider the first two to three years as your education or practice.

Your clock is like a stopwatch. It only advances when you do the result producing activities that lead to success. JR wants you to reset your clock to the amount of time you have spent working on your business, not the amount of time since you first signed up. Many of you are still beginners and still have time to master the Basic 5 and proven techniques that have been working for over 25 years.

If you didn’t know what it takes to succeed in this business when you first signed up, it’s ok. JR urges you to forgive yourself! From this point on, it’s time to remove what didn’t work and start doing the things that will lead to success!

JR has found that most people who “signed up” or registered 3 years ago have never really opened up their UnFranchise business. In fact, for the 3 years they have been in the business, they have really only put in about 3 months of actual work. Once again, JR forgives you because you can’t be blamed for what you didn’t know. Learn from your mistakes and Keep Growing!

Reset your clocks back today!


To view past episodes from the Keep Growing series, go to the Shopping Annuity Youtube Page.

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