#KissesForHope: 6 Reasons to Love Isotonix OPC-3® Beauty Blend

Our skin is a direct reflection of what we put into our bodies. Treat your body well and give it the right nutrients and your skin will surely show it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to a glowing outward appearance. With that in mind, here’s a list of reasons to love Isotonix OPC-3® Beauty Blend, a supplement for better skin from within that is also part of our breast cancer awareness campaign, #KissesForHope:

Immune System Boost – The powerful formula of vitamins and antioxidants in this supplement provides a boost to the immune system.

Collagen Production – Part of the reason fine lines and wrinkles appear is due to the lack of collagen production. This blend helps promote collagen production for smoother, healthier looking skin.

Moisturizing Properties – Skin and joints both benefit from the moisturizing elements in this conveniently balanced supplement.

Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails – The biotin in this formula helps promote healthier hair and nails. The moisturizing elements make skin appear more supple and radiant while providing more elasticity.

Antioxidant Power – Grape seed extract, red wine extract, bilberry extract, and citrus bioflavanoids are some of the most effective antioxidants and you’ll find them all in this formula.

Kisses for Hope – As part of our initiative to take part in Breast Cancer Awareness month, during the month of October, Market America will donate $2.00 from the purchase of every bottle of Isotonix OPC-3 Beauty Blend to Earlier.org. This nutritional supplement is exactly what you need for healthier skin from within.

Have you tried Isotonix OPC-3® Beauty Blend? Tell us what YOU love about it in the comment box  below!

Melissa Paniagua

Melissa Paniagua


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