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The Last Laugh: Vision To Victory With Dennis Franks And Vince Papale

Do you want to know the path to victory? Now, you can learn how to get the last laugh in life with Dennis Franks and Vince Papale.

At MAWC2018, Executive Vice President Dennis Franks and Motivational Speaker and Author Vince Papale  discussed their new book “Last Laugh: Vision To Victory.” Both Dennis and Vince played for the Philadelphia Eagles and helped turn the Eagles from a losing franchise to an eventual Super Bowl recipient. Now, they want to share what they learned along the way so others may find success in their lives.

The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory” is part memoir and part success guide. Dennis and Vince share lessons learned and obstacles conquered during their years in the NFL, and how they applied those lessons to their respective business career post football. The book presents the “Victors Code,” the behaviors and ethics that make up success. The book also features interviews with famous entrepreneurs and figures such as Mark Wahlberg, Coach Dick Vermeil, and our Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger.

The Last Laugh is available exclusively on SHOP.COM until March so make sure to pick up a copy today! Follow the Victor’s Code and you, too, will have the last laugh!

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