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Last-Minute Prep Before MAWC2017

Finally, the wait is almost over.

It is officially February, which means that we are just one week away from Market America World Conference 2017.

We cannot wait to see our UFOs in Miami. There are so many reasons as to why we are excited for MAWC2017. World Conference is the perfect time to mingle and spend time with other UFOs in order to trade business tips and overall life advice. Who better to learn from about converting your spendings into earnings than other UFOs?

World Conference is great for promoting your business and for learning about the Shopping Annuity. World Conference is also located in Miami, which is an exciting and adventurous city that our UFOs should take advantage of next week.

In order to make sure that you get the most out of MAWC2017, it will take some preparation. With just about a week left, it is coming down to the wire. Here are some last-minute prep ideas for MAWC2017.

Double-Check Everything

“Don’t worry. I made sure to pack everything. I’ve got it.” We are guilty of this laidback approach to packing, but in all actuality, it’s important to make sure that you packed all of your essential items for your trip to Miami. MAWC tickets, ID, wallet, phone, and the proper clothing are all of the utmost importance. Save yourself a potential freak out. Make a checklist while you pack to ensure everything makes it to your suitcase.

Brush Up On Your Shopping Annuity Knowledge

There’s no such thing as too much learning. We are lucky enough to have such intelligent and free-thinking UFOs in this business. We know that our UFOs are always spreading the word about the Shopping Annuity and its ability to change lives. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to constantly be mastering previous tactics while learning new techniques. We can guarantee that MAWC2017 will be full of new Shopping Annuity lessons. Because of this, it is good to read up on past articles and videos about the Shopping Annuity to have the topics fresh in your head. The two best places to learn about the Shopping Annuity are this blog and our YouTube Page.

Get To Know Miami Beforehand

MAWC2017 is in Miami, which is one of the most popular and diverse cities in the country. It is a true melting pot of people and cultures. Although MAWC2017 is in an arena, you will still have time to go out and explore the city. If you have never been there before, this might seem frightening, but if you do some research before, you’ll be prepared to take on the city. We suggest that you take advantage of SHOP Local in Miami. If you’re going to learn about the Shopping Annuity, you might as well practice what you preach!
shop-local-mawcGet Ready To Promote Your Business

As we mentioned above, MAWC2017 is a place for networking because it’s rare that thousands of UFOs are under one roof. Take advantage of it! Yes, Conference is a place to learn and have fun, but it’s also a chance to promote your business. This is such a huge opportunity to grow and improve your business that you don’t want to sound ill-equipped or not prepared. Take some time before MAWC2017 to go over your business plan so you know it inside and out. Bring business cards or flyers to hand out while you network with UFOs. Be an active member of social media during Conference. You never know who is looking and you never know when that one, random post might change your life.

Be Prepared To Have The Time Of Your Life

How do you prepare to have the best time of your life? Show up with an open mind and a positive attitude and you will have a great time. MAWC2017 is going to be our best event yet so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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