Leading the Way: Congratulations to Our Greensboro Kickoff Challenge Winners!

We recently held the Greensboro Kickoff Challenge as a way to reinforce the fundamentals of business building & UnFranchise Success while celebrating those who made their goals a reality through hard work and achievement.

To complete this challenge, participants were asked to:

  • Attend or conduct two Home Business Presentations within their organizations
  • Have one personal sponsorship or brought one guest to the Greensboro UnFranchise Business Presentation on December 13th
  • Purchase at least one ticket to the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM Leadership School 2023
  • Create 250 Personal BV
  • Create 50 Personal IBV

The best part about this challenge was not only the key business building principles being taught and reinforced, but also the simple fact UFOs had the chance to learn from UnFranchise Pioneers like Marc Ashley, Steve Ashley, and Andrew Weissman!

Congratulations to all our Greensboro Kickoff Challenge Winners! You’re leading the way for others to follow and setting the pace for a new wave of growth built upon team success…

Greensboro Kickoff Challenge Winners:

  • Christie & Edwin Williams
  • Todd Cheek
  • Candy Kaminsky
  • Lorie Arrington
  • Bonnie Hunter
  • Scott & Lisa Grogan
  • Bob & Kim Holt
  • Lester & Tammy Faison
  • Meimei Wan
  • Brenna Vitrit

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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