Learn and Grow: nutraMetrix Hosts 2 Empowering Trainings

Training and education play a major role in the success of UnFranchise Owners – and this past weekend the nutraMetrix team hosted two powerful events: a nutraMetrix Consultant Training, and an HP Product and Implementation Course.

nutraMetrix Consultant Training

In the nutraMetrix Consultant Training, UnFranchise Owners were introduced to the evolving state of healthcare in the US, including why health professionals should implement wellness based solutions in their practice, why patients should consider supplementation, and why providers are looking to add ancillary revenue to their business.

Additional topics included The nutraMetrix Solutions: Products and Tools, Key Ingredients and what sets nutraMetrix apart, Getting Started as a nutraMetrix Consultant, Branding Yourself as a Professional, Appointment Setting 101, Conducting Discovery and Proposal Meetings, Developing a Successful Implementation Strategy, Training the Staff, Leading, Managing, and Motivating Others, Preparing to Expand Distribution, Developing an Organization, and an overview of the different account types available to Health Professionals.

HP Product and Implementation Course

In the HP Product and Implementation Course, Health Professionals were introduced to the vision and mission of nutraMetrix, an overview of why practitioners should consider recommending supplementation and lifestyle changes to their patients, Implementation strategies, marketing tools for increasing patient engagement and compliance, as well as health topics such as supporting mental and emotional health, the gut-brain axis, the role of metabolism, fitness and its influence on aging, supporting joint health, mitochondrial health, the cardio-metabolic web, sexual health, immune health, and a variety of Q and Q and Panel discussions.

Overall it was a great learning opportunity with some amazing industry experts – have a look below at some pics from the training:








Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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