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Learn More About The New Goal Digger Palette

With so many amazing new Motives Palette’s this spring we thought it would be best to break each of them down into their own dedicated blog post where you could learn more about the story behind each Palette. Read on to hear what it means to be a goal digger.

Motives® Goal Digger Palette

Got Goals? Be the game changer for your own world. This palette packs a punch of power in every shade. From rich and creamy golden hues to sexy shimmer burgundies, the options are endless, just like your dreams. 


  • Features ten eyeshadows to create various looks, subtle or bold
  • High color payoff and creamy texture applies smoothly
  • Perfectly sized for glamorous looks on-the-go
  • Eye shadows can be worn wet or dry
  • Paraben free
by Mandy Mclaughlin

What Does It Mean To Be A Goal Digger?

Mandy Mclaughlin: Being a goal digger to me is really digging deep into your heart to find what you actually want, the true goals meaningful to you, that you’d be willing to push past all of the fears and obstacles that come along the way, be willing to fight for and never let anyone/anything stop you from achieving those goals. It’s being a warrior, fighting your fight for what you believe and stand for and getting back up every single time you fall no matter what!

Emily Carr: A goal digger to me, is digging deep down inside of yourself to find out what makes you reach for your goals. Finding your why and the reason that keeps you determined and motivated.

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Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher