Learn to Conquer Your Social Media Game with the Motives Creator’s Summit

We’re sharing some insight on the Creator’s Summit and information on how you can participate along with some frequently asked questions curated by Motives Field Consultant, Leigh Raeder. 

What is the Creator’s Summit?

The Creator’s Summits are FREE zoom sessions held monthly providing the field with focused coaching on how they can create better content for social media to help grow with their branding and business. The summits are set up so that everyone can turn on their cameras and see and interact with each other.

Who can attend the Creator’s Summit?

All Motives Beauty Advisors, Motives Pro-Artists, or Motives Apprentices. All UnFranchise owners, or anyone involved with our company that wants to learn more about how to use social media to grow their business.

Why did we launch the Creator’s Summit?

Social media is such a useful tool and a great way to brand yourself, especially over the last year. We have so many UnFranchise owners who are great at creating social media content but aren’t sure how to convert it into sales or business partners, plus we also have so many that would like to learn more about social media but aren’t sure where to start. Our Field consultant’s, Leigh Raeder, goal was to try to get to know more in our community of entrepreneurs while giving each other the opportunity to not only ask questions but also allow those that are known to share what they are doing that is working.

It was important to me that we teach HOW. So many UnFranchise owners know WHY they should be more active on social media, but it’s hard to know where to start, what apps to use, or even the proper way to use the different social media platforms. We’re here to help ease the way. 

In the Creator’s Summit, we can give specific examples and share real testimonials on HOW to incorporate social media into our unique business model to GROW sales and expand the business. 

What is taught during the Creator’s Summit?

Each session is planned based on what the “Creators” are wanting to learn, or even what we see happening in the field. We feature UFOs, field leaders, and social media gurus excelling with their topic to lead the sessions. The best part is, the attendees are learning how to use social media as a tool that incorporates so well with the Basic 5.

We are a company that is powered by people and we always want to show the world just that-the people! we also see it as a way that UnFranchise owners can increase their retail sales and network with new people, which in turn will help the company grow overall.  Plus the more content the field makes for their own business, the more content our corporate accounts have to share on their social media channels. We are stronger in numbers. It’s really a win, win situation for everyone.

How can I participate in the Creator’s Summit?

We have created an email list that anyone can sign up for.  The lists were created so that we have a way to communicate with those interested. When you enter your information and sign up to be a “Creator” you will get an email invite for each Creator’s Summit. You will also get an email every month with a “wish list” of content that the social media team is hoping to see from everyone.  If we all can focus on creating content around the same focus, then we can create buzz and support each other, plus the social media teams have more content to choose from that reflects their theme for the month. It also gives you an opportunity to put what you learned into action.

Right now we have a list set up for Motives  & Skincare, but everyone is welcome as these tips can be applied to any line of business. Both lists get the “Creator’s Summit” invite, the only thing different is the list of desired content emailed every month. The Motives list receives a list more geared towards our Motives products and the Skincare more towards skincare products. But, you don’t necessarily need to be a beauty expert to join the “Creator’s Summit”. It is really great for all UFOs to learn about social media in general. 

Is it too late to join?

Absolutely not! We have definitely tried to build upon each session, but we have all different levels of knowledge in attendance.  No question is a silly question because we truly want it to be a place where people can ask anything and learn.

Where can I view the recordings?

You can also watch all of our past sessions but we will say that they are much better attended live, so you can interact and ask questions, plus Zoom only records the person talking, so you aren’t able to see everyone. All recordings are available to rewatch in case you can’t attend live.

If you want to catch up, or maybe brush up on your knowledge, here are some of the topics we’ve discussed in recent past: 

Session #1 Lighting, photos & app basics. Building your brand

Access Passcode: 4Jje0%dG

Session #2 How to Grow with Instagram stories

Access Passcode: 4U6?@LVX

Session #3 TikTok Basics

Access Passcode: 0?LYV5F=

Session #4 How to leverage Facebook Personal Timelines & Private Groups

Access Passcode: &i4.VE%3

Session #5 Tools for your business-Calendly & Link Tree

Access Passcode: #+#Y2df$

Session #6 How to create Instagram Reels

Access Passcode: YR!mK4+Q


We hope you all join us for our next “Creator’s Summit” on March 14th at 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 5PM PT where we’ll be hearing from our social media team for tips on curating your content in 2022.

You can sign up on either list or even both to stay up to date with the latest workshops and content ideas from our team direct to your inbox. 

You can join the Motives Creator’s List here and the Skincare Creator’s List here. We’ll see you there! 

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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