Just Getting Started? Check Out The UnFranchise Learning Center

Are you new to Market America and the UnFranchise Business? If you’re just getting started, take advantage of the UnFranchise Learning Center, which is a central location that provides resources, tools, and information to help support UnFranchise Business development.

For new UnFranchise Owners, the Learning Center (located on UnFranchise.com) maps out what UFOs need to be learn from the very beginning in order to understand the business. Think of it as the foundation for all of the resources and materials you need to develop an UnFranchise Business. For veteran UnFranchise Owners, the Learning Center is a place where you can teach Market America concepts to new UFOs and refer them to specific parts of the site for review.

The Learning Center is divided into several categories that focus on a specific UnFranchise topic. These categories can be reviewed by both new and existing UFOS. The categories include:

  • New UnFranchise Owners
  • Product Knowledge
  • Establishing Your Foundation
  • Goals & Accountability
  • Business Building
  • Retailing
  • Follow Up & ABC Pattern
  • Registering A New UnFranchise Owner

There are support materials under each section to further explain the underlying theme of the specific category. Users can click on the corresponding picture and it will bring them to a new page with support materials. For example, under “Establish Your Foundation,” users can click on one of the pictures to increase their knowledge about products and Market America services.

*Screenshot from Learning Center

This past December, Dennis Franks hosted a Zoom session dedicated on how to maximize the UnFranchise Learning. I urge you to watch it and learn from Dennis’s expertise. These tips can aid in your entrepreneurial journey!

Visit the UnFranchise Learning Center to learn more.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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