Let’s Talk About Networking

We’ve identified your resources and explored marketing ideas, now let’s talk about networking! Learn how to accumulate your knowledge and apply it to your web of fellow entrepreneurs.

We leveraged first impressions with the tools we have at hand. We discussed four creative springtime themes for marketing. Now that you have initiated or revitalized your business processes, and given it a shot at new ideas, it’s time to begin floating your presence amongst various groups to achieve strong business connections. Take a look at some examples of how to do so!

Review Your Existing Relationships

Networking with fellow entrepreneurs.


Obviously, your sponsor is your primary mentor within your business, and you have already networked and connected with them. However, who else do you consider to be a mentor? Do you attend the Zoom sessions of Jim Winkler, Melanie Nelson, Cullen Haskins, Dr. Deedra Mason, Andrew Chee? Attendance to zoom sessions is a networking practice with these individuals, as well as with other attendees of the sessions!

Or perhaps you felt connected to some of the individuals who participated in the open discussion panels at MAWC2022. Allison Abbott, Dritan Hodo, Don Martin, and Al Yentsch participated in the Business Development panel with Jim and Andrew. Dr. Joe Taylor (TikTok), Dr. Tamara Weinstein, and Gary Brecka participated in the health & nutrition panel with Dr. Dee. 

Each of these UnFranchise Owners are mentors to you of some kind. If you didn’t have the chance to speak to them at the event, perhaps follow them on social media. By ollowing them on social media and engaging with their content, you are networking with them! We encourage you to network with and learn from all of our successful UFOs, because each entrepreneur has fantastic and differing insight into their business methods.


Which UnFranchise owners, either within your team or outside of it, are generating similar amounts of BV and IBV? These peers are people with whom you can (net)work together to discover new prospective UFOs as well as market and retail to customers. Recognize that the UnFranchise Business plan relies not on competition, but collaboration to be successful. You and your peers should engage with social groups together with a clear expectation on how each of you intend to present the UBP or your products. Exchange ideas with your peers, and give one another the support to try them!

Yangguang Qiu's Instagram photo of UnFranchise Owners networking at MAWC2022.
Yangguang Qiu’s Instagram photo of UnFranchise Owners networking at MAWC2022.


You were sponsored, and then it will be your turn to sponsor others. Entrepreneurs who are seeking a successful business plan that will change their lives are looking to you. As you continue to become more successful, you must take on the responsibility of helping new UnFranchise owners network themselves. When a fresh UFO reaches out to you for guidance, take the time to inform them or otherwise direct them to the appropriate resources. As you know, it is the power of people that develops and maintains the entire system!

Organize Recently Acquired Relationships

Record Keeping

Having attended MAWC2022, and perhaps other UnFranchise events since, can you confidently name and describe everyone you’ve met? The ability to reflect over your connections is a part of networking. Recall the blog on MAWC2022 Tips & Things to Bring: did you keep track of their contact info? Did you add “UFO” to each new contact ID on your phone? Did you write down their Instagram handle?

We’re not saying you need to carry around an Address book like we used to back in the day. However, it is important to keep track of details about the fellow entrepreneurs you meet. You will create deeper connections when, given the next time you see John, you are able to ask him, “How is your daughter Sarah doing? Is she enjoying her piano lessons?”

Theoretical John will appreciate your remembering him and his family life. After all, we have all selected the entrepreneur lifestyle because we are passionate about having full-fledged lives outside of our work – something near-impossible for the average nine-to-fiver.


While Pulse has auto-generated follow-ups for your customers, it is up to you to follow up with your prospects. For every UBP you’ve given, how many have you reached out afterwards (a couple days to a week later) to ask them for feedback, or to meet again? Perhaps the follow-up isn’t as formal as, “It has been a week since I presented the UBP to you. What have you concluded about it since?” 

Instead, approach prospective UFOs with precisely what it is that they’re most concerned about: 

“Hey John, have you been able to attend Sarah’s piano recitals?”

“No… My boss won’t let me take a half day while we work with this client.”

“Well, you know the UnFranchise Business Plan would allow you to work on your own schedule. Have you thought about the plan since last week?”

Set Goals For Future Networking


Consider inviting a group of your friends over for an evening event, and show them what you’ve been working on. Have a personalized basket of products and infographic cards for each of them to illustrate the effectiveness of the plan and the products themselves. Include trial sized marketing sample packets according to each person’s needs – Bliss for Helen who struggles find calm, TLS Thermochrome V6 for Jill who is looking for ways to be more energized, and Neuro Focus for Tom who often finds himself easily distracted. Providing prospective UFOs with the utmost business experience themselves is a great way to network. Even if Helen, Jill, and Tom are not interested in becoming UFOs, perhaps they’ll refer their friends who are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Referring back to collaborating with your peers – you could co-host with another UnFranchise owner or simply attend their event for support. Even if these new UFOs join your peer’s team rather than yours, you are networking for them to refer their potentially interested friends back to you.

And when it comes to events, MAIC2022 is in less than four months; have you purchased your tickets? What about plane tickets? Booked your hotel? UnFranchise events are the most wholesome and family-oriented, but also passionate and exciting events you could plan for in your yearly travel schedule. Making them an integral part of your lives is pertinent to your success as an UnFranchise owner precisely because they are the greatest locations for your networking.

Business Development Center

Stay Focused, Stay the Course refers to identifying your goals, and then following through with Base 10, 7 strong. Dennis Franks explained what it means to develop Base 10, 7 strong in your Business Development Centers, and how important that is to your success. As an UnFranchise owner, it is up to your networking methods and business practices to establish your business and then sponsor the businesses of other UnFranchise owners. Set realistic goals for how many UFOs you want to have in your Business Development Center within a certain time frame, and then set off in acquiring them!

Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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