Leveraging the Virtual Try Me Tool in Your Business

We’re sure you’ve heard of the new Virtual Try Me tool now available on motivescosmetics.com and unfranchise.com. Have you tried it yet? This new tool is a game changer for your business. Here’s why…

Last year gave us all a lot to think about. Little did we know that trying makeup on in person would become limited due to new health and safety guidelines. The Virtual Try Me tool not only allows you and your customers to swipe on shades and looks at the click of a button, but also allows for you to expand that try on experience to people you’ve virtually connected with. The internet is an incredible thing and because so many of you have gone more digital throughout the last year by hosting virtual consultations, virtual makeup classes and more, the Try Me tool is yet another way you can allow others to try on and make that purchase decision. 

Have an established customer base? Upload an image of each of them to the Virtual Try Me tool and recommend something new you think they’d love!

If hosting a makeup lesson, you can also share this tool with them as an interactive activity so they can swipe on even more shades to find their perfect match. This also makes for a fun selfie keepsake for them. 

You can try on a myriad of different products with this incredible tool and we hope to continue growing the Try Me product lineup. We even recently introduced the ability to try on our Lip Crayons!  

We encourage you to leverage this tool for your business so your customers can try before they buy in this new, innovative way. Any questions? Connect with Motives on social media

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals

Jacqueline Garcia-Casals


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