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Lifestyle Marketing Series: Why Blogging Is Important With Elsi Pacheco

This Sunday night, 11/12, marks the return of Conquer Entertainment’s Lifestyle Marketing Series. UFO Marketing Director Elsi Pacheco will host the session, which is titled “Why Blogging Is Important.” The session will start at 7 PM EST on MeetON.

Being the UFO Market Director, Elsi is a strong advocate for building your business through social media. One way to gain exposure is through blogging. Elsi is an experienced blogger and helps manage the SA Blog, the UnFranchise blog, and JR Ridinger’s blog. The tips and advice that Elsi will give can turn a good business into a great business.

For details on the MeetON, scroll below and check out the post on

Lifestyle Marketing Series: Why Blogging Is Important

Who: Elsi Pacheco

When: 11/12/2017

Time: 7 PM EST

Elsi Pacheco has an uncanny talent for discovering trends before they explode, making her a strategic marketing specialist who can not only identify trends but efficiently incorporate them into brands. Passionate about working with people, she’s a generous-minded businessperson who wholeheartedly believes in integrity and loyalty. After working in the hospitality industry, Elsi dove straight into marketing and has been going strong for over 15 exciting years. Elsi is a hard worker with copious dedication, fostering creativity in everything she does. Currently the UFO Marketing Director for Market America | and an UnFranchise Owner herself, Elsi now helps build recognition for the new online shopping wave, The Shopping Annuity. Using her vast array of skills and savvy nature, she loves to inspire and assist entrepreneurs all over the world as they grow via social media. 

A lot of business owners are asking why they need to create a blog for their website. Well, there are several reasons why blogging for your website is important. A blog can have a huge impact in sales, leads, and search visibility. Investing in content marketing can make a big difference on how many people visit your website, and it all starts with a blog. 

Pay attention to Elsi’s blogging tips because there might be an opportunity for you to write for this very blog. Start reading our blogs and think about how you can apply blogging tips towards building your business and our BV brands. Who knows, your article could be featured on the SA blog one day! The only way to find out is to tune in on Sunday night at 7 PM!

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