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Looking for a new side hustle?

Retailing has become a world-wide phenomenon and a savvy way to start earning extra income. If you are looking for a new side hustle this year, your success will depend on choosing the right company. So how do you choose the right one?

Using the Internet as your primary sales channel offers multiple advantages. Having a website is cheaper than opening a store, and you can reach customers online anywhere in the world. Shopping is easy and comfortable for customers, and you can customise their experience based on past sales and preferences.

Firstly selecting an online store allows you to work directly to the customer often gives a business the highest profit margins vs. brick and mortar distribution deals. There’s no denying that the way customers shop has changed tremendously. The shift to online shopping won’t be slowing down anytime soon, with e-commerce growing year after year.

Retailing is about displaying products, describing the features and benefits of products, stocking products, processing payments and doing whatever it takes to get the right products at the right price to the right customers at the right time. Some retailers offer additional services to the retail transaction like personal shopping consultations, and gift wrapping to add something extra to the retail customer experience and exceed the retail customer experience.

When choosing the right company there are a few things you should consider;

The Products

The product or service you offer must fill a need. Are the products consumable? Do they offer products that will be purchased on a regular basis? That could lead to re-occurring sales. Or will they result in one off purchases. Do you personally like and use the products? Running a business requires passion and drive, you have to believe in what you are selling. So find products that work for you, and that stand out in the market.

The Company

With all the new ‘get rich quick schemes’ it can be difficult to know which company to sign up to. One thing that offer confidence is to research how long a company has been in business for. Would you believe only 51 percent of small businesses are 10 years old or less, and 32 percent of small businesses are 5 years old or less. Roughly a third of new businesses exit within their first two years, and half exit within their first five years.*

This is why it is important to put your focus towards a company that has been up and running longer than 10 years, so that you know you are becoming apart of a solid company that is profiting.

What is required to start earning money?

Many new soon to be entrepreneurs are eager to begin their own business, but generally are not in a position to sacrifice their current means of income. This is ok but be sure to read about what hours you need to put it in order to that side hustle in order to achieve earning extra income. The goal is to start slow, focus on a business that you can build part-time while maintaining your current role, until you have built it up enough to go full time.

Why should you look at becoming a Market Australia UnFranchise Owner?

UnFranchise Owners follow a detailed proven plan and are provided a AU.SHOP.COM website, products and services and marketing materials. UnFranchise Owners leverage these, and many other resources, so that they can focus on serving their customers’ needs, and creating a lucrative business and financial security for themselves.

With hundreds of exclusive products and services, UnFranchise® Owners can capitalise on numerous multibillion-dollar industries including health and nutrition, cosmetics, skincare, personal care, weight management, home and garden, baby and children’s care, internet services and more. UnFranchise Businesses do not rely on the sale of any single product or service, resulting in short-term and long-term stability and profitability.

We are financially strong with a proven system with worldwide training and support. Best of all, UnFranchise® Owners can begin on a part-time basis with flexible hours and earn immediate retail profits.

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Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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