Loren & JR Ridinger, Market America Featured In CaliforniaBlog

It’s always a good sign to read about the Ridingers and Market America in the news. The more headlines the company makes, the more exposure and recognition for Market America!

In fact, Loren Ridinger, JR Ridinger, and the rest of Market America were highlighted in a recent article in CaliforniaBlog. In particular, the piece recaps the 2017 Market America International Convention, where we celebrated 25 years of entrepreneurial success.

The article specifically covers the speeches of JR, Marc Ashley, and Loren. In particular, Loren’s “You’re Not That Busy” speech was highlighted, where Loren inspired the Greensboro crowd to stop making excuses and to start getting on with our lives. Below is an excerpt from the article.

“Loren Ridinger’s speech “You’re Not That Busy” drove home the fact that nobody’s too busy to prioritize their time. She pointed to the million dollar earners in the Market America Convention 2017 crowd and said that they worked for it. “Excuses are simply excuses, and they protect your ego so you don’t have to try,” Ridinger put it. Oftentimes, she said, we work for someone we don’t even like. We enter robot-mode at work to be able to provide for the people we love. We listen to those negative people in our circle of friends and family who tell us we can’t achieve our goals. “

*Note: You can watch all of the speeches from MAIC2017 on the Market America YouTube page.*

Articles like the one featured in CaliforniaBlog can be so valuable to UnFranchise Owners. This shows that Market America, the Shopping Annuity, and UnFranchise Business are working and changing people’s lives. Instead of just explaining to new team members that the system works, you can show them these media hits as proof.

Share this article with your team, build momentum for your business, and be an ambassador to Market America. Let’s show the world what people power is truly about!

To read the article from CaliforniaBlog, click on the link below.

Market America Convention 2017 : 25 Years of Entrepreneurship




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