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Loren Ridinger Graces The Cover Of Elle Taiwan

On behalf of the Shopping Annuity team, we wanted to congratulate our Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger, on gracing the cover of Elle Taiwan. This is a huge honor not only for Loren personally, but for Motives Cosmetics and the rest of Market America | SHOP.COM. Check out the cover below!

Here is an excerpt from interview with Loren.

In the process of pursuing your dreams, it is hard to avoid criticism. Loren shared, “One thing that I have learned is that the biggest mistake women often make is not surrounding themselves with positive people. If you are surrounded by people who criticize you, you begin to doubt yourself. You simply need to readjust and stop paying attention to negative people. This is just like turning off the TV; shut out people who have a negative influence. Instead, surround yourself with people who can encourage you and support your dreams — people with positive energy that will lift you up.”

For UnFranchise® Owners, use Loren’s exposure to you advantage when growing your business. Elle is a reputable and well-known brand that many clients and potential team members will recognize. If major media brands are covering Market America, Motives®, and the Shopping Annuity® in the media, it signifies that our business is making huge waves in global markets around the country. Our ideas and business concepts are spreading rapidly. Make sure your recruits hop on the train to becoming a successful entrepreneur today!

Below is a video shoot with Loren for Elle Taiwan as well as more photos from the magazine.


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