Loren Ridinger And La La Anthony Showcase New Motives Palette On People.com


Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony have taken Motives Cosmetics from an up-and-coming company to a force in the cosmetics industry. Recently, La La teamed up with Motives to launch new eyeshadow palettes. La La and Loren discussed the new palette in an interview with People.com.

The eye shadow is more than just a makeup product. The eyeshadow symbolizes the message of empowerment and encouragement to all of its users. That’s why it’s so important to share this article with the field in order to spread its supportive message.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Tell me about what makes this palette so empowering to women.

Loren: We wanted to go back to what we love, which was to create palettes for women of all colors and shades. That’s not always what every cosmetic line is thinking about.

La La: It’s like a personal message about feeling confident and good about yourself.

What was your approach to developing shades that would work on all women?

Loren: We really wanted to make sure every color could be used by everyone. Not like buying a palette only because of two shades that have good color payoff and the rest aren’t good. I think La La’s diversity with interacting with so many different women helped her with picking the best colors for women. She’s so involved.

La La: I think people can read authenticity and they know when you’re involved and when you’re just slapping your name on something. So if I am sending this palette to friends or if I am selling this palette, I really want women to feel confident about me. It’s something that I want to use and something that I want everyone to know I took my time in creating and picking the colors.

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