Loren Ridinger Named To “20 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs of 2017”

Motivation has always been Loren Ridinger’s speciality. Her “never quit, never surrender” attitude has always been a staple of her personality. When this company first started, things were not easy. In fact, there were barely any signs of hope. Along with JR and the rest of the corporate team, Loren and her beliefs helped to turn Market America into the global success that it is today.

Now, her motivational techniques are not only being followed, but honored. Loren was recently named one of “The 20 Most Motivational Entrepreneurs Who Inspired Us in 2017” team at Designmantic.com.

If you have ever attended a World Conference or International Convention, when Loren Ridinger hits the stage, prepare to be inspired. Loren has taught us so many lessons over the years. Go outside your comfort zone, follow your dreams, and never give up are just some of the useful lessons that Loren has shared with us. Take a look at one of her inspirational speeches from International Convention.

It’s a privilege to be recognized by another organization so thank you to the team at Designmantic for the honor. Here is an excerpt from the list.

“No one else has delivered tremendously to the beauty business industry for more than 20 years than Market America co-founder Loren Ridinger herself. Today, she lives a cozy life along with her husband in Miami Beach and is now recognized as the face of beauty and internet shopping. However, she started her life from humble beginnings by working as a retail clerk at the age of 16, hoping to one day etch her name in the fashion industry. When she turned 19, she and her husband took a chance and co-founded internet retailing giant Market America in 1992, in Greensboro, North Carolina, where it is still active as of today.”

To read the full list, click here. 




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