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Loren Ridinger On Empowering Women Featured In Forbes

One of our corporate team members, Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger, was recently featured in Forbes. The magazine ran a profile on Loren about her humble beginnings with JR and Market America as well as how she created an empire that empowers women.

This is excellent exposure for Market America and Motives as Forbes is one of the most recognizable business magazines in the world. Not only is a great exposure, but Loren provides inspiring advice about following your dreams, working hard, and believing in yourself and your idea.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Loren Ridinger, the founder of Motives Cosmetics, has built an empire that makes women feel beautiful on the inside and out. Ridinger started Motives Cosmetics in 2008 under a parent company called Market America Worldwide with her husband JR Ridinger. Today, some of the top celebrities and social media influencers wear her brand. Ridinger has based her company on creativity and innovation. She also has a knack for inspiring women going from no money to millions.

“Someone is always looking up to you to see what you can do,” Ridinger said. Her and her husband started their business in their apartment. They started with little money and a lot of passion. She was so determined to be successful, that she was willing to go without the finer things in life for a season. She drove an old car that she was embarrassed to be in, paid her mother to babysit while she worked, and compromised hanging out with friends to move forward. Her date night with her husband consisted of going to Wendy’s. “We did what we had to do back then. It wasn’t easy,” she explained.

Congratulations to Loren for the profile! To read the entire article, click here.

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