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Lose Big, Win Big: The 2019 Find Your Fit Challenge!

By: Melanie Nelson

By now, you’ve probably heard the exciting news. TLS® is hosting a 2019 Find Your Fit Challenge with $25k in prizes up for grabs, but that’s not all Melanie has your recap on what you missed at MAIC 2019 & details on how to lose big, win big below!

You Missed a Lot at the TLS® Breakout!

  • How to market the upcoming ‘TLS Find Your Fit Challenge’ to build your customer base.
  • Increasing retail profit and BV by helping people lose weight and feel great
  • Why TLS is the last program you will ever need.
  • How to utilize our TLS Social Media channels to promote your TLS business and products.

and more! It was a jam-packed room for a jam-packed presentation. We even heard five speakers share their expertise and passion for TLS Weight Loss Solution! There is no way we can cover everything, but lucky you, here is a brief recap:


TLS® is launching a 12-week Find Your Fit Challenge open to UnFranchise Owners, Customers, and the Public! There is $25,000 in Prizes up for grabs!

This is sure to help you build your customer base when you get a group of friends, coworkers or family together to take the challenge & commit to Find Your Fit!

There has never a better time to do something GREAT for yourself that also happens to build your business!   Maximizing your potential begins with you functioning at OPTIMUM levels!

What better way to launch your goals than to accept the challenge?

wellmune for summer

Here is a quick message you can copy, paste and personalize and send to 10 friends right now:

“ Hey (name), I was thinking of you! I am registering for a 12 week Find Your Fit Challenge, & my goal is to… (fill in)

I thought it would be fun to do it together and there are CASH prizes!!!

Let’s meet up, so I can share the details with you!”  ~ BOOK TIME

TLS is a comprehensive 12-week lifestyle program that helps you achieve health and vitality using the 4 TLS components:

Low-Glycemic Impact Eating
Body Composition – Losing fat & gaining muscle
Science-Based Supplementation to accelerate results
Education – the WHY behind the TLS® Lifestyle

Implementing all of these results in becoming a fat-burning machine. How fun is that!?

Take advantage of the systems and support the challenge will give YOU and your customers. LEVERAGE is the Key to growth with ease and grace!

wellmune for summer


Liberty Freeman an Occupational Therapist was recognized for hitting the TOP 3 in the Spring to Summer TLS Sales Challenge.

She shared with us why our program is so spectacular for her and other Health Professionals to utilize within their practice!

  • It is a ‘Turn-Key System’ that can be duplicated for health professionals and non-health professionals
  • Systems in place but still customizable for the client’s goals
  • Science-Based and works long term, it is not fad based.
  • A program where you get to eat real food- not a “magic” solution
  • Our TLS Products fit the needs of patients to continue to help them meet their goals.
  • It is fulfilling meeting needs and changing one life at a time.

June Kasper; a newer TLS Coach, who is not a Health Professional, was recognized for hitting the TOP 3 in the Spring to Summer TLS sales Challenge.

She shared with us how she attracted so many new TLS customer. You may want to take notes and duplicate! Her biggest secret was posting on Facebook 2 – 3 times a day, some of them being Health, Nutrition or Weight-loss related to create a consistent theme and building trust.

She commented on other people’s posts and added 10 new FB friends a week. Calculated and systemized and her results speak for themselves! Way to go, June!

wellmune for summer

TLS® Social Media

The Find Your Fit Challenge is the perfect opportunity to promote on Social media! We will be coaching you through the marketing strategies on the TLS Coaches Page, so head over and request to join the Facebook group here!

Tayler Glenn, the TLS® Social Media Manager, also presented her tips on utilizing the corporate TLS® social media pages.

She went over how the purpose of the pages is to generate leads & build brand awareness, but also to curate, create, and push out content for you!

Here are 3 things ways to use the TLS Social Media content to help you build your TLS business.

  1. SHARE it with your existing TLS customers! We know you’re busy building your business, so we make sure you have professional imagery & blog posts for you to use to build brand loyalty.
  2. DUPLICATE! When we market a TLS® product or our program on our channels, STEAL IT!!! Simply copy/paste or personalize and add your OWN link to your site. You can even save the image to your phone and post your own version of it!
  3. ENGAGE! Likes and comments are more important now than ever on social media. You won’t see our posts unless you engage eith the pages enough to tell the platform that the page is important to you, so make sure you’re visiting the page & commenting on all the posts you see. This not only ensures you’re seeing our content, but it also builds our brand and reputation! Win-Win for everyone!

We will be promoting the Challenge coming up, so feel free to do any of these three things so you can ride the momentum of the FIND YOUR FIT Challenge!

wellmune for summer

All the details on the Challenge are here:

Thanks for reading. YOU ROCK

Melanie Nelson;

Director, MDC, TLS Director of Sales

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn

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