Why Do You Love SHOP Local?

Supporting local restaurants and funding your Shopping Annuity. What’s better than that?

SHOP Local is one of the best and easiest ways to fund your Shopping Annuity. SHOP Local allows UnFranchise Owners to earn Cashback at restaurants without the hassle of coupons or loyalty cards. Essentially, you are getting paid to eat!

We all know the benefits of SHOP Local, but now, we want to hear from UFOs who are taking advantage of SHOP Local on a regular basis. With the 2017 Market America International Convention approaching, our team is looking for SHOP Local testimonials to use at MAIC2017. The best ones will be used in presentations and articles during MAIC2017.

The question posed to UFOs is this:

Why Do You Love SHOP Local?

We want you to answer this question by sharing your experiences, photos, and favorite spots for SHOP Local. Be creative! SHOP Local is an awesome program so who better to show its greatness than UFOs?

There are plenty of ways to share your testimonials. You can post to social media using the official SHOP Local hashtag, #GOShopLocal. You can comment below on this blog or any other blogs regarding SHOP Local. Also, feel free to message all of the social channels for the Shopping Annuity, Market America, and SHOP.COM.

There is no limit as to the amount of times you can share a testimonial. The more, the merrier! Let’s spread the joys of SHOP Local to the world!

For more information on SHOP Local, click here.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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