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Lumière De Vie Pink Jade Roller – All Your Questions Answered!

Interview with Dr. Deedra Mason

Dr. Mason is a Naturopathic Physician, emphasizing complimentary approaches to chronic disease. A graduate of National University of Natural Medicine, Dr. Mason uses a diverse combination of naturopathic medicine, western botanical medicine, physiotherapy, and conventional medical therapies to recover each individual’s full potential for wellness. She completed her undergraduate work at Pacific University, then began her study of Naturopathic Medicine, graduating from National University of Natural Medicine. While working within her community, through “The Willamette Wellness Community,” an outreach project connecting health professionals with their neighborhood, she came to lecture about the benefits of natural approaches to health and healthy aging.

She lectures around the world on weight loss, healthful aging and nutrigenomics and is the Clinical Director for the not for profit nEI –educational institute. Dr. Mason is known for her passionate lectures, commitment to quality patient care and the advancement of professional education.

In today’s interview, we discuss how to use the brand new Lumière De Vie Pink Jade Roller.

The Lumière De Vie Pink Jade Roller is a tool you’ll want to have in your skincare regimen ASAP. This facial massager utilizes jade, known as the stone of eternal youth, and the calming art of massage to relax the face. Utilize this tool to help aid in the absorption of treatments into the skin, reduce the appearance of puffiness, and signs of aging. This dual sided tool can be used throughout all areas of the face and neck to maximize your daily skincare regimen.

What are the advantages to the pink jade over green jade?

Each stone has a unique energy or signature. We know this about all precious and semi-precious stones.

This isn’t esoteric but in fact easy to illustrate because different stones based on, for example the amount of chromium or sodium in them, two things that are rich in Jade, jadite and quartz” they will carry an electric current differently.  Rose quartz or pink jade maintains a coolness and a smoothness to it that green jade does not making a pink roller ideal for the cooling and calming affect not just the lymphatic drainage benefits of using a manual face tool.

Regardless of color; green jade, pink Jade and rose quartz have a clarifying or harmonizing benefit to the heart and therefore circulation.  However rose quartz still carries the moniker “ the heart stone” making it by many peoples assessments and ideal stone for opening up blood vessels, bringing oxygen to the skin and supporting healthy nutritive delivery while also supporting toxin removal.

Can they be used everyday?

Yes in fact it is recommended that it be used twice a day for many individuals. As a rule of thumb anything that can be used twice a day can be used every day.

Which part of the skincare regimen is best to use them?

There are several ways to look at this multipurpose tool.

  1. For its benefits in lymphatic drainage and toxin removal, it may be best to use this tool on clean skin that has no serums yet.  Because the pink stone has benefits for cooling and soothing, reducing puffiness or redness it is beneficial to start on a clean dry face.  
  2. However, you do not want to underutilize manual tools for their ability to help serums and cream’s active ingredients gain access to deeper layers of the skin and get past the skins mantle.  
  3. Restorative or repairing serums are the third way you can use this tool. Under eye creams, plumping serums and lip and wrinkle serums that may need a gentle application. When you are looking to avoid the “drag” of fingers or a heavy handed  application, the stones smoothness offers a perfect solution for delicate areas.

I find it is best to use rollers with lighter weight serums and creams, like the Lumière de Vie® Matte Moisturizer, because we are looking to create an nutritive environment rather than a barrier requirement that we get with heavier creams.

What direction do you roll them in? Circles? Up & down?

It’s important that you roll along facial features, not against facial features. I want you to think about up and out when you use the jade roller on your face.  I want you to think of up and down when you use the jade roller on your neck.

By and large we want our jade roller to lift, and that’s why diagonals up and out work as well as they do as part of your skin care regime.  We want to follow up with a drainage technique however after our lifting technique. We want to focus on healthy detoxification and drainage, making movement towards the ears (after up and out).

One of the things we’re going to learn when it comes to a skin care regimen and manual therapy is “End With Cold”.  This is because ending with cold helps initiate detoxification naturally in the body as the body shunts blood “to and fro”.  Akin to the hot/cold therapy is to end the series of up and out strokes with center to ear approach for full drainage.

Application 1- We’re going to move up and out along with cheekbones lifting of the brow lifting of the jowls.

Application 2-  We want to promote drainage so our last movement with the Roller will be from the center towards the ear, from the chin toward the ear from the center of the forehead to the ear.

Can you use either roller with masks?

Volcanic masks and tacky masks?  The jade roller will not be able to use one of its principal characteristics for lymphatic drainage and lifting which is its smoothness.  However using it with a sheet mask, like the Lumière de Vie® Moisture Intense Sheet Masque and Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Lifting Facial Masque can be a fantastic way to not just place and adhere the mask to the face but add in the potential for increased penetration of those active ingredients.  If you find it difficult to keep a sheet mask in place what you may want to do is once you have removed the sheet mask and used any extra product on the arm, the belly or other areas where you would like to see firmness, then use the jade roller to further initiate dispersion of the active ingredients on the face.

Can these be used after injections and treatments done by professionals?

No, they cannot be used after facial neurotoxins or fillers nor any other facial injection. We rely on the active ingredients in these injections to be undisturbed for 36 hours to maintain a created contour or look.  Use of a manual manipulative therapy can be problematic to reach desired outcomes.

Are they recommended for certain ages?

One may think that the rollers are simply anti-aging tools however because of the nature of the stone and the energetics of the pink/rose stone it has a skin clarifying capability for troubled skin like acne and rosacea. It is important that you are selective with these two skin health complaints as symptoms will usually get worse before they get better. The stones manual ability is to support healthy drainage and therefore elimination of skin toxins while this does result in brighter skin with better blood flow it can make an skin care complaints mildly to moderately worse before they get better.

How do I use Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller?

After application of desired treatment, begin rolling from the center of the face outward, down the neck and décolletage. For best results use the larger stone for broader surfaces, such as cheeks, and the small stone for more delicate areas, such as eyes.

When should I use the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller? What time of the day?

It is considered beneficial to use the jade roller twice a day. First thing in the morning before applying any serums or creams to initiate lymphatic drainage and brightening, then with lighter serums as appose to heavy creams.  Because creams with weight or SPF are used to create a barrier they are fine to be place on the face with the hand.  The second time of the day is in the evening for your regular skin care regimen. This evening regimen is an ideal time to use the LDV Restoring Serum  restore elixir the oils are fantastic ways to not just renew trip by this again but to also add in firming techniques.

You can use the stone rollers for multiple applications starting with the renewal elixir and then adding your night serum‘s or skin care regimen that you would usually use at the end of the day.

Can I use the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller with the Lumière de Vie Ice Roller?

Yes, always end with cold so you will use the jade roller first and then the ice roller. The ice roller is ideal for increasing circulation and in larger areas like the décolletage the neck but even the arms belly and thighs.

What products do you recommend to use with the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller?

Lumiere de Vie’s entire line is ideal,  both because of their active ingredients while remaining light on the skin, as well as because of the diversity of options.  However the Skintelligence, Timeless Prescriptions and the Cellular lines all have active ingredient that would be benefited by using a manual therapy tool like the Lumiere de Vie Pink Jade Roller.

What are some of the results I may experience?

Because of the nature of the stone and the end result of lymphatic drainage, skin brightening is one of the factors or characteristics of skin the individuals may notice after using the jade roller. The reduction and puffiness as a result of lymphatic drainage or redness or even large pores may be benefited by using a stone roller.

How many rollers will I get?

You will receive one Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller. Each roller consists of two stones, one large stone and one small stone.

Can the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller be reused?

Yes, the Pink Jade Roller can easily be cleaned and stored for reuse after each treatment.

How do you clean the Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller? 

Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and swipe over each jade stone. Make sure the roller has had enough time to completely dry before next treatment application. It is recommended to clean this product after each use. 

Will this product work with all skin types?

Yes! Lumière de Vie Pink Jade Roller was created to work well with all skin types.

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