MA25 Infographics Now Accessible In Multiple Languages

We are just over a month away from celebrating 25 years of entrepreneurial success at the 2017 Market America International Convention.

That being said, what exactly does 25 years of success mean? How can you visually show the success of Market America | SHOP.COM? Is there proof or evidence of this success?

There’s a saying that goes “numbers never lie.” Well, Market America | SHOP.COM has supplied the numbers in an infographic made specifically for the 25th anniversary. The infographic contains brief statements about important statistics such as the amount of retail sales, the number of UnFranchise Owners, and the amount of money awarded in Cashback.

The best part is that these infographics are available to all of our UFOs around the world. UFOs are encouraged to share these numbers with their teams and on social media. The infographic is the perfect chart to show prospective customers and new team members. It’s quick and easy to read and it supplies all of the key stats of Market America and the Shopping Annuity.

Since we are a global company, the infographics are available for download in multiple languages from different markets. English, Queen’s English, Chinese, Spanish, and French are just some of the languages. Below is an example of the infographic in English.


Once again, we encourage you to share these infographics as much as possible. Use it as a business building tool at your next UBP. See you at MAIC2017!

Click on the links below to download the infographic of your choosing

*Note: Some of the infographics may read “7.3” instead of 7.6. The updated number is 7.6. All of the other information is up-to-date. We will replace the existing infographics with the updated versions as they come in.*

MA25 Anniversary: English

MA25 Anniversary: Chinese

MA25 Anniversary: Traditional Chinese

MA25 Anniversary: French

MA25 Anniversary: Castilian Spanish

MA25 Anniversary: Spanish

MA25 Anniversary: Queens English




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