MA25: Success Begins In The Mind

“My success began in my own mind. I believed it. You have to believe it before anyone else is going to believe it.” – La La Anthony

No matter what you do in life, it all starts with belief. Belief is your foundation for your goals and dreams. You have to believe in order to succeed.

Look at La La Anthony. She said that success started in her own mind. Not everyone believed her in the beginning, but the most important thing was that she believed in herself. Because of that belief, La La was able to become the successful entrepreneur and television personality that she is today.

Jim Winkler said that belief is the #1 product in Market America and that can’t be more true. If you don’t believe in Market America and its products, how are you going to attract customers? If you don’t believe in the Shopping Annuity and its power to change lives, how are you going to change yours?

As UnFranchise Owners, if you can take that belief and channel it into your business, then it will rub off on other UFOs and customers. Here are some UFOs that wanted to share their thoughts on believing in yourself.

“It’s believing in your ability to be relentless. It’s believing and being proud of what you have and coupling it with the attitude, knowledge, and posture that it’s the right thing to do. It’s not only the right thing, but the smartest, most efficient way to really do ourselves the justice of not only saving $100s, if not $1000s a year, but redirecting it back into our pockets! Also, consistently educating ourselves & others builds that belief in ourself and fund our Shopping Annuity” – Daniel Rios

Hearing the belief front-and-center from JR and the corporate team brought a wave of drive and energy. I understood the Shopping Annuity concept before, but the boot camp gave me the motivation to hold myself accountable, fully commit to the system, become a master member and share with others. I have planned out how I am going to achieve the SABP for this upcoming quarter and am going to continue to share with everyone because everyone can benefit and it just makes sense!”- Elissa Mesler 

Do you know who else believed that their own success was possible? JR Ridinger. 25 years ago, JR had a dream that could change the world. Flash forward to today and that dream is becoming a reality!

Believe in yourself and anything is possible. You will deal with hardship. You will struggle. But it will all be worth it. All you have to do is believe!




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