MA25 Years Contest: Updated Winners

As the 2017 Market America International Convention draws near, many UnFranchise Owners will begin to feel a little bit happier than usual if selected as a winner for the MA25 Years Contest.

The MA25 Years Contest was created as a celebratory event for the weeks leading up to MAIC2017. The Market America and Shopping Annuity teams wanted to generate as much excitement as possible for MAIC2017 so the contest is doing exactly that. We know that the UFOs cannot wait to get to Greensboro this August!

Both teams felt that saying thank you to UFOs for their years of support and dedication to the UnFranchise business was simply not enough. It’s time to reward our UFOs with something a little more satisfying. Winners of the contest (25 total) will receive 1 Market America World Conference 2018 ticket. From there, those winners will be automatically entered in a raffle to receive 2 VIP seating tickets!

Currently, the contest has named the group of winners for the first two parts of the contest. For every challenge in the contest, there will be five winners so as of now, there are 10 altogether. These winners deserve proper recognition for not only entering, but winning the contest so without further ado, here are the 10 winners.

Part 1 

Part 2

Congratulations to all of our winners so far! You’ve earned it!

For those who have either not entered yet or have not been lucky enough to win, there is still time to enter in the remaining parts of contest. In fact, Part 3/5 was released last week. The challenge is right up our alley because it deals with the Shopping Annuity. Think about tips for converting your spending into earning. To read the entire post, click here.

For complete rules and prize information, go to: GLOBAL Market America 25th Anniversary Promotion Rules.




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