MAIC 2020: Full Recap

Epic. Monumental. Phenomenal. Need we go on? Those are just a few words that come to mind when we think of the historic 2020 Market America International Convention. We made Market America history by hosting our first-ever online-only virtual event. While we missed your energy and seeing each of you in the crowd, we felt your outpouring of love and support all weekend long! It was such a unique experience to have you join us virtually and connect through Zoom. While the overall event experience was different, the weekend was jam-packed with crucial business building information and updates. We know that during the event you’re consumed with the need to take it all in and live in the moment. Don’t worry, we’ve been taking excellent notes for you and have everything you need as a refresher before hitting the ground running in your business. Read on for a full recap of one of the most monumental and impactful events to date.

New Products:

This was a major event for product announcements! We launched some amazing new products at this event, including a whole new line, which you can find out more about by clicking the links below.

Motives Cosmetics: This was a major event for Motives as they introduced a ton of new products! This fall, Motives is dropping several new amazing products, from a seasonal eyeshadow palette, new face-palettes for contouring, highlighting, and blush, new lipsticks, and even the reveal of a new collab.

Lumiere de Vie: Your skincare routine is about to get even better with these three new Lumière de Vie products and two new Lumiere de Vie Hommes products!

TLS Weight Loss: This year, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our very first limited edition flavor shake: TLS® Pumpkin Spice Nutrition Shake! If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, don’t delay as these will be gone quickly!

DNA Miracles: During day 1, Marc Ashley announced the newest product to the DNA Miracles line. Our New DNA Miracles Isotonix Vision arrives just in time for parents with kids learning virtually from home on a screen.

Health & Nutrition: On day 1 of MAIC, we introduced not 1 but 2 new health & nutrition products! From the main stage President and COO of Market America, Marc Ashley, and Dr. Deedra Mason introduced the new look of the Heart Health System™, plus the new must-have product- Prime™ Sleep!

Shopping Annuity Brand: The Shopping Annuity Brand® is expanding! At MAIC 2020, Marc Ashley introduced the newest product, Shopping Annuity Brand Premium ImmuniTea!

Tony & Pam Bowling Award:

Our newest award, Marc Ashley shared that the award was originally the “Tony Bowling Award,” but it’s now the “Tony & Pam Bowling Award.” Tony and Pam were two of the most successful, respectful, and honorable UFOs in Market America’s history.

The winners of the 2020 Tony & Pam Bowling Award are Cullen and Trinity Haskins. The couple thanked the entire corporate team for the honor. Cullen said, “It’s very hard to speak after watching the video of Tony and Pam. I always looked up to their values as people. One team one dream.” The field has been ecstatic to see that Cullen & Trinity were named this year’s recipients and have shown an outpouring of love for the couple on social media.

UnFranchise Marketing App: 

Possibly one of the biggest, most exciting announcements of the weekend was the introduction of the UnFranchise Marketing App. Market America believes in samples and trial size marketing. The company has developed more convenient single-serving packages that has helped you to market your products in trial sizes. In a groundbreaking announcement, Marc introduced Isotonix Daily Essentials Trial Size Sample Packets. It is the first professionally designed sample packet that can be sent along with your trial size product of Daily Essentials. Each packet contains three daily essentials samples along with nutritional information about the product as well as the key ingredients. It is available today on as a set of 10 packets and worth 40 BV. This will be the first of many sample packets the company will be offering. More are on the way!

The sample hooks the customer, but you need something to hook them in and that’s the UnFranchise Marketing App. This app is unlike any app Market America has ever developed. The packets work in conjunction with the packet. Once you hand them a packet, plug in their name and email in the app. Then, the app works for you. Over the next 7 days, the app will send a series of emails that include a thank you and follow up emails with product information. The app not only follows up with your customer, it also works as your personal assistant to remind you to also follow up with your customer.

Marc Ashley:

President & COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley, kept us on the edge of our seats for his 2 day, 3 part sessions, holding true to his catchphrase, “but wait, there’s more.” Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get better, Marc would make another huge announcement. Day 1 was all about new products, which you can learn about by clicking the individual links above.

Marc said, “We have the best products in the world backed by science.” Marc mentioned that the Market America Product Catalog is a great tool to view all of the company’s products. Any time you add a Market America product to an order, when you reach the checkout page, you will have the option to add 1 catalog to a particular order. Marc said, “You all have a chance to generate so much more BV because you’re going to expose so many customers to our products in the catalog.” Coming this month, as long as you have the UnFranchise® Marketing App, you will have the ability to send one sample pack with each order. In 2021, the UnFranchise Business App will feature most of the tools from to grow your business.

Another exciting announcement involves one of your favorite brands, the Shopping Annuity Brand. At first, the products could only earn IBV. As time when on, it could be BV or IBV. Shopping Annuity Brand and Super IBV products were once only allowed on, but coming soon, it will be on SHOP.COM.

Marc discussed how leveraging e-commerce has never been more important due to the pandemic. Marc stated, “Ecomerce shopping is five years ahead of where it’s supposed to be today. There has never been a better opportunity to have an e-commerce business than today.” Market America has a positive reputation for e-commerce. The company received an A+ review from the BBB and ranked 42nd in the country for the top online marketplace.

Speaking of e-commerce, next month, both Sears and Kmart will become OneCart stores. Also, one of the biggest additions to the Market America family is Zoom. Virtual calls through Zoom has changed the world. Marc also shared exclusive deals that were only available to ticket holders so be sure to take advantage of them!

Market America is now in the utility business thanks to SHOP.COM Powered by Xoom Energy. As more states become deregulated with energy, the more UFOs can use Zoom energy. Once you and your customers enroll for energy service, you will earn IBV for life.

SHOP.COM with Steve Ashley:

President & COO Steve Ashley energized the crowd to start the morning session. Steve discussed how the pandemic made the SHOP.COM rethink their 2020 goals. We had to adapt and change to fit what the world needed from us. This led to advancements for SHOP.COM that will help us stay in the top 42 of the largest online marketplace in the country!

On SHOP.COM, now UnFranchise Owners and Customers can order ‘backordered’ products and the company will ship them once the inventory comes in. Also, you can preorder new products. When they come into stock, you will get them before anyone else if you preorder. 45 days ago, SHOP.COM implemented worldwide AutoShip. Since then, AutoShip has been up 70%. Steve said, “That means more BV, IBV, and Cashback for you. Through recommendations, we are creating smarting shopping with SHOP.COM, UnFranchise, and our customer sites.”

Steve highlighted exclusive deals for MAIC2020 including SHOP Local. With SHOP Local, earn IBV and Cashback for dining in, takeout, or pickup. Steve suggested activating every offers in your area before going out because it’s free to do. From there, Steve discussed that SMS messaging for UnFranchise can now be used through WhatsApp. Steve said, “This is like the NCAA Tournament. The great part is every wins in this tournament.”

Nutri-Physical is undergoing a complete overhaul. Instead of one long questionnaire, it’s a series of short quizzes of which will generate recommendations. Nutri-Physical will launch in the US next month. Steve finished by saying, “Everyone needs to be in Vegas because it’s like no event we’ve ever done before.”

Loren Ridinger:

Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger, lite up the stage and ignited our passion for the business on Sunday. She promised that like JR, she would be reprogramming our brains and she delivered!

The Market America corporate team’s motto: We do what others don’t want to do in order to be what they wish to be. To reprogram your brain, the first thing you can do is check yourself. Protect it at all costs. Loren said, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you my future.” According to Loren, most of us never get what we deserve because we never programmed our brains to deserve it. Until you figure out your why, you’re going to stay in your nest and never leave. Once you step out of the box, that’s when you start to live. Loren stressed that we all need to carve out some time and more importantly, some space to get things done. Plus, anytime you put a timeline on something and don’t commit, you’ll never get anything done.

Loren shared a story about how mental preparation in your subconscious mind is a key to success. Loren said, “All I want you to do is work on reprogramming your brain.” We need to be grateful for what we have. Do not be attached to the how. Figure out your what and your why. We all have gifts and we all have superpowers. Loren mentioned that we were all born to make our unknowns, known.

If the business is what you want to do, then you need to give it your all. You need to train, study, ask questions and ask for help. Don’t just say; do. Loren said, “When experience is your best teacher, then progress is your prison.” You can’t judge your dreams by your experience.

You can either make a wish or make it happen. Loren challenged the crowd to a challenge. Write your age, subtract from 78, and multiply by 12. The answer will equal the months you have to live a quality life. Stop dating the idea of you and marry the reality of you. Every time you get back up, you’re one step closer to success.

JR Ridinger: 

Founder, Chairman, & CEO JR Ridinger never lets us down. Over his three-part sessions, JR hand-delivered the three keys to becoming a hopeless success while simultaneously reprogramming our brains.

To start programming our brain, JR explained that we don’t need to get stuck on the dot. If you’re stuck on the dot, you can’t open your eyes and see what’s around you like changing the world and becoming a director. Don’t focus on the dot.

JR stressed that you are a product of your thinking and what you put inside your head. Success always starts with the right thinking. It’s all about acceptance, which is when the subconscious mind is programmed and the conscious mind accepts it as well and it takes over. JR said, “Every time you think a negative thought, it’s the same thing as saying it. It forms our identity over a period of time.” JR credited Dennis Franks and Elizabeth Weber as his greatest finds in the UnFranchise. We have the ability to create what we want if you program your brain. You need to do UnFranchise tasks on a daily basis until they become habits.

The most successful people in the business may appear to be talented superhumans that accomplished incredible things and have huge organizations in the business. It appears that they jumped to the top with one giant leap. There is no jumping to the top. You need to find the stairs with your team, do it together, and climb to success. JR said, “You must succeed so other people can realize their dreams.”

JR stressed that you can only take life and the business one day at a time. Set weekly goals to keep you on track. Weekly goals add up to monthly goals and you’ll slowly start climbing the stairs to success. What we used to hate to do, we now love to do. JR said, “Come to together, get your family together, and you can save the world.”

Virtual Booths:

This year, since we were unable to have physical booths for you to tour and see new products, ask questions, etc we decided to bring the booths to you. For our virtual booth experience, we will have booths for all brands that are launching new products at this event, as well as a business building booth. These are still available to view for a limited time! Go explore HERE.

Video Resources:

Did you love all of the videos shared during the event? You can find them all here on our Video Resource Blog so that you can share them on your social media.

Blog Recaps:


We had a great time at International Convention! We strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets to the 2021 Market America World Conference March 25-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada if you haven’t already! You don’t want to miss MAWC 2021, we promise to come back with more products, even more advancements, and more business-building lessons from our executive team! We’ll see you in Vegas!

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