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MAIC 2016: Recapping a Phenomenal Event

For four days straight the Greensboro Coliseum was jam packed with over 23,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world.  It was an invaluable weekend full of business building, training, networking, incredible presentations and tons of fun! From the 9:00 am dance parties to the late night breakout sessions, it was a magical event. If you didn’t have time to read our daily recap blog posts, or if you were unable to join us for the event, here’s a brief overview of what went on over the 4-day, life-changing event!

Crowd 5

New Products!

We launched some amazing new products at this event, which you can find out more about by clicking the links below.

Motives by Loren Ridinger: Autumn/Winter product line launched at MAIC.

Lumière De Vie: Lumière de Vie Micellar Cleanser, Lumière de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum, and Lumière de Vie Super Crème

SNAP: SnapTM  Essentials Kit

DNA Miracles: DNA Miracles® Chewable Multivitamin


SHOP Local

When Marc Ashley announced SHOP Local at MAWC 2016, the crowd was on their feet with excitement! Marc didn’t disappoint this time around as he gave exciting updates on the latest news about SHOP Local. New chains have joined SHOP Local, like ColdStone, Denny’s, Baskin Robbins Which Which, and Subway, which means that you can now earn Cashback on these local places. The SHOP.COM UFO Black Master Card can be linked to your SHOP Local profile and you will earn Cashback on all of your purchases at these local stores.

Responsive and Mobile Technologies


President and Chief Operating Officer of SHOP.COM, Steve Ashley and Executive Director of Mobile Technologies, Kevin Curley shared updates of mobile apps with us over the weekend. The pair shared exciting updates to the UnFranchise Media App that will be a complete game changer for anyone who is talking to prospective business partners. The new update allows UFOs to send a video to a prospect from the video resource section. Plus, the app will also alerts you when there are new audios available.

Shopping Annuity Technology Advancements


Marc Ashley had some major announcements during his 2 days on stage. One of the most exciting announcement was a new Cashback Activity Tracker Report! On this new report, redeeming Cashback is as easy as clicking and you can get it direct deposited right into your bank account! Marc also shared with us some of the redesigned and relaunched websites like TLS, Isotonix and more. Even more exciting, Global.SHOP.COM will now become SHOP.COM Global with a 100% overhauled, completely redesigned, mobile responsive, and you can expect exponential growth in Asian Pacific countries – including Malaysia!

Introducing the new GMTSS


Loren and JR Ridinger shared the stage to discuss the new GMTSS (Global Meeting Training Seminar System). They expressed their awareness that many UFO’s travel long distances to make it to a training. “We are trying to change that and you have to be the change,” as she asked those in that circumstance to stand up. They were encouraged to lead those areas and start getting groups together. This will surely take training events to new levels!

Fat Joe WOWS the crowd with his dynamic, inspiring stage presentation


This weekend, Fat Joe took the stage to deliver a high-energy, inspirational speech that, by the end, had the crowd cheering for more! After his inspiring “All the Way Up” presentation, he performed his hit song for us! Visit our YouTube channel to watch a full video recording of his stage presentation.

Loren Ridinger gave over 23,000 entrepreneurs chills with her inspiring presentation


At every event, we think “Wow! Loren has never been more inspiring right now,” yet each event she continues to amaze us and give us chills. She spoke so eloquently about personal priorities and the nature of success. Loren is the first to admit that life isn’t easy and neither is being an entrepreneur. It doesn’t happen overnight and there will be hurdles, however, if you are persistent it will all be worth it. Loren couldn’t have made that point better than she did in her “Breakdowns to Breakthroughs” presentation this past weekend. Check out Loren’s full presentation here.



JR’s closing presentation was nothing short of amazing. The presentation centered around the MPCP formula: Basic 5 Duplication, Shopping Annuity, Digital Leverage. JR flashed back to video from a few previous presentations at conventions, referring to instances where he showed us how we need to take the steps to the top. You can’t skip any steps, or take any shortcuts to get there. You have to be able to take the time to take the proper steps. If you can redefine your own economic status quo, you can find the success to this business. JR challenged you to make a decision, reset the clock, and redefine how it is that you are going to spend your life. Relive JR’s full presentation here.


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Video Resources: Check out all the new video resources that debuted on stage at MAIC 2016 here.

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We had a great time at International Convention and encourage you to purchase your tickets to the 2017 Market America World Conference! We promise to come back with more products, more advancements, and more business building lessons from our executive team! See you in Miami!


What was your favorite moment of MAIC 2016? Share your experience with us in the comments below! 

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