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MAIC2017: Once In A Lifetime Event Calls For Once In A Lifetime Promotion

Do you remember what JR Ridinger calls the shortcut to success?

The only shortcut to success is to attend International Convention or World Conference. This August, we are celebrating 25 years as a company at the 2017 Market America International Convention. This is a massive and glorious occasion for Market America and the Shopping Annuity. Attending this event will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

Because this is a once in a lifetime experience, we have decided to create a once in a lifetime ticket promotion for the monumental International Convention. From now until April 30th, if you purchase one ticket to MAIC2017, you will receive one ticket free. That’s right, it’s a buy one, get one free!

This is a phenomenal opportunity to pay it forward and bring new team members to MAIC2017. The idea is that if you pay it forward and bring your team members to International Convention, they will then do the same for their teammates at the next major event. It’s a never-ending cycle to a proven business technique that JR has practiced and mastered since Market America’s inception.

Wait, there’s more! If you take part in the buy one, get one free promotion, you will automatically be entered to win a free ticket to a Moving Up Seminar. You could be 1 of 25 lucky winners to receive this free Moving Up ticket. Moving Up Seminars are the perfect events to attend if you’re looking to fine-tune your skills as a UFO. You will receive expert advice and business techniques from some of the best ambassadors and directors in this business!

We cannot wait to celebrate 25 years as a company with our Market America family! To prove how excited we are, here’s JR Ridinger discussing the ticket promotion and his thoughts about MAIC2017.


To purchase tickets, visit today and secure your tickets for MAIC2017. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible! CLICK HERE for our complete terms and conditions for the promotion and raffle.

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