MAIC2018: Stream International Convention on MeetON

Can’t make it to MAIC2018? Now you don’t have to miss out on the action thanks to MeetON.

All seven sessions of MAIC2018 (Thursday morning / afternoon, Friday morning / afternoon, Saturday morning / afternoon, Sunday morning) will be available to stream live on MeetON. Each stream will include every onstage presentation from that session so you don’t have to worry about missing out on speakers such as JR Ridinger. These streams are great alternatives if you or members of your team cannot attend MAIC2018.

Below is a list of the schedule and speakers for each session. Look out for breakout sessions on MeetON as well as the event draws closer.

MAIC2018 – Day 1 – Morning Session

08/09/2018 09:45 AM EDT to 08/09/2018 01:30 PM EDT 

Opening Ceremony
National Anthem

Loren Ridinger

Tools- Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler

DNA Booth Experience- Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin & Duane McLaughlin

Recruiting- JR Ridinger

Power Profile

MAIC2018 – Day 1 – Afternoon Session

08/09/2018 03:00 PM EDT to 08/09/2018 06:00 PM EDT 

Scottie Pipen & Steve Ashley

Motives- Maria Checa

Royal Spa & Fixx- Kim Ashley

Right Way/Wrong Way- JR Ridinger & Kevin Buckman

Fat Joe

UnFranchise Owners to ESC
Million Dollar Club & New MDC Members- Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler

MAIC2018 – Day 2 – Morning Session

08/10/2018 09:45 AM EDT to 08/10/2018 12:30 PM EDT 

Pre-show Address: Social Networking Prompt – #MAIC2018 Andrew Weissman

IBV, Concierge- Marc Ashley

Power Profile

MAIC2018 – Day 2 – Afternoon Session

08/10/2018 02:00 PM EDT to 08/10/2018 05:15 PM EDT 

The Conquer Movement- Amanda Ridnger

La La Anthony

Shopping Annuity- Chris Peddycord

Shopping Annuity- JR Ridinger

Directors to Field Vice President- Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler

Power Profile

MAIC2018 – Day 3 – Morning Session

08/11/2018 09:45 AM EDT to 08/11/2018 01:30 PM EDT 

Pre-show Address: #MAIC2018- Andrew Weissman

Loren Ridnger

Lumiere de Vie- Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin & Kim Ashley

Marc Ashley

Dr Steven Lamm

MAIC2018 – Day 3 – Afternoon Session

08/11/2018 03:00 PM EDT to 08/11/2018 06:45 PM EDT 

Recognition- Andrew Weissman & Jim Winkler

The Close- JR Ridinger

MAIC2018 – Day 4

08/12/2018 10:00 AM EDT to 08/12/2018 01:00 PM EDT 

GMTSS- Jim Winkler

nutraMetrix- Brandi Murphy

TLS- Dennis Franks & Sue Pasqual

Motives- Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder

Power Profile

SHOP Financial- Charles Baer

WebCenters- Sarah Rose Stack





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