MAIC2018: Shopping Annuity Breakout To Feature Panel Discussion with SAMMs

It’s MAIC2018 week! We can’t wait to get into the Greensboro Coliseum for a long weekend of fun and learning! Besides the onstage presentations, the breakout sessions are excellent ways to learn about specific topics and business ideas in Market America. One breakout that should be on your radar is the Shopping Annuity®.

The Shopping Annuity Breakout will be held in the Imperial Ballroom at the Sheraton Greensboro (host hotel) on Saturday night, August 11. The breakout will run from 8:00-10:30 PM (subject to change depending on when the presentations at the arena end).

What should you expect at the Shopping Annuity Breakout? For starters, converting spending into earning will be a topic of discussion. From swapping out store bought brands to SA / Partner Store products to earning Cashback / IBV / BV on purchases, tips and guidelines will be shared on how to fund your Shopping Annuity. New Shopping Annuity Brand Products and enhancements to the Assessment will also be discussed.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, the breakout will also feature a panel discussion of Shopping Annuity Ambassadors and their new business partners to discuss how to build your UnFranchise® Business and become a Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM). The ambassadors will share their personal experiences as to how the Shopping Annuity lead to more retailing, recruiting, and team building opportunities. The idea is to offer advice from two perspectives, experienced UFOs and newer UFOs. The panel will Chris Peddycord, Sarah Rose Stack, and Shopping Annuity Ambassadors.

The Shopping Annuity is a two-sided coin. There’s one side that’s focused on converting spending into earning and the other side is concentrated on using the Shopping Annuity to build your business. Both sides work hand in hand and both are necessary to succeed as an UnFranchise Owner. Converting spending into earning can lead to retailing and recruiting success, which is what the panel will cover. Here are some SA videos to consider before attending the panel.

We hope to see you on Saturday night! For more information, scroll below.

Shopping Annuity Breakout

Who: Chris Peddycord, Sarah Rose Stack & Shopping Annuity Ambassadors

When: 8/11/2018

Where: Imperial Ballroom

Time: 8:00-10:20 P.M. (subject to change depending on when the afternoon session)





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