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Watch The Shopping Annuity Breakout From MAIC2018

One of the magic moments from MAIC2018 was the Shopping Annuity® Breakout at the host hotel. The breakout covered all of the enhancements and updates to Shopping Annuity as well as introduced new ways to convert spending into earning.

Chris Peddycord opened up the breakout with a presentation on a “Day in the Life of an UnFranchise® Owner.” Chris explained how the Shopping Annuity was designed to save you time and money. If you are spending money everyday on daily essentials, why not get paid for it? The continuing mission of Shopping Annuity is to make sure that UFOs are rewarded for every dollar spent. Chris also touched on Deductr and how it the program can help UFOs with tax deductions with their efficient tracking system.

The highlight of the breakout was the all-star panel hosted by Sarah Rose Stack that featured Shopping Annuity Master Members (SAMM) and their newest team members. Not everyone is a SAMM so it can be difficult for non SAMMs to relate to the advice of the more experienced UFOs. This is why it was great to see new UFOs on the panel to receive advice that is relatable to inexperienced UFOs in the crowd. The panel answered many questions from various perspectives on how to grow the business, what products to use, and how to duplicate results.

Now, you can watch the entire breakout session below. Please review this and share with your teams!

Cheat Sheet

0:00 – 32:24: Chris Peddycord updates

32:25 – 49:42: Sarah Rose Stack updates

49:42 – end: All-Star Panel

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