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How Attending MAIC2019 Can Grow Your UnFranchise Business

We’re just a few weeks away from MAIC2019. The anticipation for International Convention in Greensboro is building by the day. There are so many objectives that we seek to achieve at Convention with one of them being business growth.

How can you grow your UnFranchise® Business by attending MAIC2019? We have a few ideas as to how this can be accomplished.

1. Establishes Belief In Your Business

There’s a saying that goes, “talk the talk and walk the walk.” Some people may talk about attending International Convention, but when it comes time to show up in Greensboro, they’re nowhere to be found. Don’t be someone who doesn’t walk the walk. Show up at MAIC2019 not because you think you’re forced to go, but because you want to be there. You want to better yourself and your business. By showing up at MAIC2019, you are communicating to your teammates that you believe in the UnFranchise and its capabilities. It’s an easy way to inspire belief.

2. Networking

The two biggest events in Market America are World Conference and International Convention. No other events will have as many UnFranchise Owners under one roof than those two. Because of the high number of UnFranchise Owners (sometimes, close to 20,000), it is the perfect opportunity to network with other UFOs. Networking with UFOs from all around the world can lead to expansion within your team.

3. Learning From The Best

In order to grow your UnFranchise, you need to know how to grow your UnFranchise. The best place to do that is at, you guessed it, MAIC2019. Just like the high amount of UFOs in attendance, World Conference and International Convention are the two biggest events with the highest amount executive team members in the arena. From top to bottom, the entire executive team will be at MAIC2019. Who better to learn from then the people who created and mastered the business? You won’t get many opportunities to sit, watch, and learn from Loren and JR Ridinger. Don’t miss out!

4. Products On Full Display

Market America’s slogan is “built on product, powered by people.” Becoming a product of the product is one of the keys to retailing in your UnFranchise. The more knowledge you acquire, the better your chances are of attracting new customers. New customers means a bigger and more profitable UnFranchise. At MAIC2019, the products will be on full display in the arena. Between onstage presentations and breakouts, UFOs will have plenty of time to learn more about the products and learn how to translate their knowledge into their business.

Market America | SHOP.COM 2019 International Convention 
Dates: Aug. 8–11 
Receptions: Aug. 7 
Venue: Greensboro Coliseum 
Host hotel:Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons 
Contact: (336) 292-9161
Tickets:Click here

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