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Magic Moments And The Importance Of MAIC2019

The calendar may say it’s Summer, but this is the season for magic moments. A magic moment is when something clicks in your mind that you previously could not understand. It’s an “a ha” moment.

These magic moments can spark the “billionth of a volt” in your head that can lead to a change in your life for the better. JR Ridinger always talks about how magic moments can happen at any time. However, when you’re in a room full of passionate UnFranchise® Owners, magic moments tend to happen more frequently!

Let’s take it back to MAWC2019 where we witnessed a magic moment during JR’s imprinting presentation. The “chicken, duck, and geese” analogies were huge hits in the UnFranchise community. It was a simple, but effective way to explain the importance of recruiting and sponsoring the right people.

At last year’s International Convention, we polled various UFOs to share their magic moments at the event. The answers varied from highlighting new Shopping Annuity® technology to understanding how to convert spending into earning.

Because magic moments tend to happen more often at major events, we suggest to purchase your tickets to our International Convention in 2019. If you’re reading this now, we assume you already have your tickets so congrats on a job well done! That being said, there’s still time to purchase tickets and book hotel rooms. Hurry thought because the event is next month!

See you in Greensboro!

Market America | SHOP.COM 2019 International Convention 
Dates: Aug. 8–11 
Receptions: Aug. 7 
Venue: Greensboro Coliseum 
Host hotel:Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons 
Contact: (336) 292-9161
Tickets:Click here

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