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MAIC2019: Attend The UFO Marketing Breakout

Welcome to MAIC week aka the most wonderful time of the year. We’re excited for the entire UnFranchise® community to infiltrate Greensboro with their positivity and enthusiasm for MAIC2019! The action in the coliseum will be spectacular, but the breakouts will be just as satisfying! One of the breakouts to look forward to is the UFO Marketing Breakout.

The UFO Marketing Breakout will be session that combines a few disciplines into one learning event. The seminar will merge topics revolving around the Shopping Annuity, UFO Marketing, and Hurdlr into one informative session. The breakout will take place on Saturday night at the host hotel. The seminar’s host will be Sarah Rose Stack and also feature Chris Peddycord and members of the UFO Marketing team.

The UFO Marketing Breakout is the breakout to attend that further explains how converting spending into earning aides in the growth of your UnFranchise. Topics featured at the breakout will be:

  • Tips to increase your BV
  • Tips to increase your IBV
  • How SAMM affects your ability to retail and build the business
  • MA/SA Corp. Social Media Strategies
  • 5 UFO Social Media Strategies
  • Hurdlr (an automatic business expense and mileage tracker app that keeps tabs of all of your income streams, expenses, and tax deductions in real-time, on the go!)

Please plan accordingly and follow our social media channels for updates and announcements on our breakout as well as MAIC2019 in general. See you there!

UFO Marketing Breakout

When: Saturday, August 10

Where: Sheraton Greensboro (host hotel), Victoria Ballroom

Time: 8 PM

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