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MAIC2021 Award Winners

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all our MAIC2021 Challenge Winners! These UnFranchise Owners are leading the parade and setting the pace as trailblazers who go the way and show the way for others to follow. These UFOs serve as a beacon light which illustrates the amazing things which can happen when you believe in yourself and follow the system. Congratulations to every one of you. The effort you’ve put into building your business has translated into these remarkable challenge accomplishments. Congratulations and thank you for setting a tremendous example for everyone to emulate!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger











Chairman’s Challenge Winners

  • Dawn Florio
  • Li Yi Jing
  • Jakayla Mason
  • Melisa Mistler
  • Linda Ong
  • Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Emily Pennito
  • Kathleen Schindler-Brown
  • Julia Sun James
  • Jinji Vitaterna
  • Li Xu











WebCenters Challenge Winners

  • Nicole Chang
  • Chun-Chuan Yang
  • Chih-Hung Chen
  • Chu-Tai Ling
  • Jen Chuang Hsiung
  • Eric Chiu
  • Chwen Lim
  • Russell and Trista Polo
  • Carmen Ames











nutraMetrix Challenge Winners

  • Kathy Blair
  • Rebecca & Joseph Carfi
  • Katherine Knapp
  • John & Cindy Marcelino
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Steve Rodriguez
  • Tina Rose
  • Lisa Guizhi Wang











Motives Challenge Winners

  • Carmen Ames
  • Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Andrea Souders
  • Jewel Wacker
  • Amber Lopez
  • Maria Kepes
  • Amele Tarakinikini











Skincare Challenge Winners

  • Carmen Ames
  • Vena Pearson-Hudgins
  • Andrea Souders
  • Jewel Wacker
  • Aleksandra Cummings
  • Annette D’Angelo
  • Amber Lopez
  • Maria Kepes
  • Amele Tarakinikini











TLS Challenge Winners

  • Campbell & Linda Chang
  • I-Lien Chen
  • Chin Hui Chen
  • Hui Chen Chen
  • Eric Chiu
  • Mingtsung Ho & Yinyen Lin
  • Lin Show Hui
  • Chiang Ying Hung & Wu Chi Chen
  • Amanda Kao
  • Ping Lai
  • Yi Jing Li
  • Chia Wei Liao
  • Lesley Lin
  • Yuting Lin
  • Cheri Lo
  • Wei Cheng Lou & Min Hsu Hsu
  • Vivian Lu
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Jiang Qing
  • Lucia Wu
  • SzuPei Wu
  • Huilan Zhao


Special Awards


WebCenters Certified Trainer of the Year

  • Chwen Lim


SHOP Financial Elite Representative of the Year

  • Charlie Baer


Motives Trainer of the Year

  • Jacqueline Menconi


Motives Beauty Advisor of the Year

  • Melody Sopa


nutraMetrix Consultant of the Year

  • Pamela Cleary


nutraMetrix HP of the Year (Allied HP)

  • Lisa Wang


nutraMetrix HP of the Year (Medical Doctor)

  • Joseph and Rebecca Carfi


TLS Trainer of the Year

  • Lu Yen Chih


TLS Coach of the Year

  • Susan Markowitz


Certified Trainer of the Year

  • Wei Ding


Top Retailer of the Year

  • Christopher Sarli


Fastest Growing UnFranchise Owner

  • Chen Jou Pin


Top Organizational Builder – National Supervising Coordinator and Below

  • Chen Jou Pin


Top Organizational Builder – Executive Supervising Coordinator and Above

  • Lin Wanting


Market of the Year

  • Taiwan



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JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO

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