Day 1 Afternoon Session Of MAIC2021: TLS, Business Building, And Dr. Deedra Mason

Ready for the Day 1-afternoon session of MAIC2021? Let’s get to it!

UnFranchise Recognition

Vice President Andrew Weissman and Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler recognized the following groups at MAIC2021 for their successful efforts in Market America: Guests and new UnFranchise Owners, Coordinators, Executive Coordinators, Master Coordinator, Senior Master Coordinators, Professional Coordinators, Supervising Coordinators, National Supervising Coordinator, and Executive Supervising Coordinator.

La La

In a prerecorded video, actress and entrepreneur La La Anthony shared her well wishes with the crowd. La La explained how she worked with Loren and the team at Motives to create her new line that will help you keep up with the trends in the beauty industry.

Dr. Deedra Mason and Panel

Dr. Deedra Mason – Vice President of Product Development & Clinical Education – came to the stage to present on health and longevity. Dr. Dee said, “It is within you to find health.” It’s all about good habits and good choices. Small habits compound over time. The cost of a good habit in the present while the cost of a bad habit is in the future.

The 3 non-negotiables for healthy living are diet, exercise, sleep. According to Dr. Dee, lack of sleep is your number one hormone disruptor. For sleep issues, try Isotonix magnesium, Prime Sleep, and Isotonix Turn Down. From there, Dr. Dee discussed the 60:30:10 rule. You have to set a healthy foundation first. If you don’t commit to that lifestyle, then supplements won’t have the same effect. Dr. Dee said, “You are the difference when it comes to retailing.” Once again, it is within your capacity to find health. This is critically important.

Dr. Dee invited Dr. Tamara Weinstein (physical therapy) to the stage. Dr. Weinstein stressed that it’s all about longevity and health. We need to eat healthy, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, and managing stress. Supplements are used to fulfill the gaps of the diet, and more importantly, to optimize health. Dr. Weinstein said that these products can be recommended to your customers because of the science and research behind each one.

Both doctors then talked about their favorite products. Dr. Weinstein mentioned that Isotonix Anti-Aging is one of her favorite products because it has so many nutrients for an all-in-one supplement. Dr. Weinstein said that anti-aging is a “fantastic starting place.”

Dr. Dee invited Gary Brecka – Human Biologist – to speak about how to implement good habits into daily routines. Simple breathing techniques can help with your help. It sounds so simple, but oxygen is so important. The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease. More oxygen in the cells can help lead to a healthier lifestyle. Gary said, “Think about what you can do to impact someone’s well being and you can be wealthy.” Gary said we should all do three things in the morning – breathe, thermal stress, and physical stress.


Dennis Franks – Executive Vice President of Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM – and Melanie Nelson – Director of Sales for TLS – danced their way to the front of the stage as the energy instantly increased in the building. Dennis stated that TLS continues to help thousands of people change their lifestyles every quarter.

Who doesn’t love the TLS Cookies and Cream shake? And TLS Thermochrome V6? Melanie discussed the new Fast Start Program and how new products have been added to the pack. TLS Health Guide and Journal is perfect for the first 12 weeks of someone’s journey in TLS.

Melanie introduced the TLS 7-8-28 Challenge. It’s open to USA, Canada, Australia, and UK and starts September 20th. It’s 7 days of detox for an 8-week commitment with 28 workouts. There is a purchase required, which is the TLS 30-Day jump start kit.

Sosan Hau – RD, CDE, TLS Director of Training – joined Dennis and Melanie to share success stories with TLS. As Sosan said, “TLS is here to stay forever.” TLS is all about maximizing human potential so you have the energy to live the life you’ve always wanted to have.

Business Building – Evaluation Approach

Jim Winkler – Vice President of Sales – brought out a panel of UnFranchise Owners to discuss how to grow your UnFranchise. Jim wants to go back on the offensive in the business, which means challenging yourself to grow and taking action to do this.

The panel included: Director Don Martin, Professional Coordinator Mark Bernacchi, Supervising Coordinator Alexandra Cummings, and National Supervising Coordinator Emily Pennito.

Alexandra first moved to Florida and didn’t know a lot of people. She went on social media and meetups to reach new people. She stressed how networking and referrals is a great way to find people. Mark stressed to start with people who you know when it comes to showing the plan. Start with a warm market (people you know) and then go to a cold market (strangers). Then, focus on people who share the same values.

Emily said to find people who know other people. “If your ‘why’ is huge, this is the company to change everything for you.” Don likened his start in Market America to his start in the construction business. Start with people you know and people who might need your services.

Jim Winkler stayed on the stage and invited Kevin Buckman – Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific – to discuss the importance of becoming a Master UnFranchise Owner. Kevin said, “Once we become a product of the product, we convert spending into earning and create a repeat customer base.”

If you take care of business, focus on sponsoring one person a quarter. Kevin said, “This is a simple model. Just do it so we can continue to show other people how to do it.” Kevin stressed to continue learning and go to major events and training. That’s the only way to learn. From there, it’s all about finding the right people.

Kevin announced that the idea of showing the plan to two people per week has not changed. Build 7 strong, duplicate, and repeat. Kevin said, “This is a business, and we’re looking for partners to join this business. This is the mindset you must have in order to succeed in this business.”

Market America University

Dennis came back to the stage to discuss Market America University. This presentation was all about Market America University and each of its majors. It’s a systemized approach to provide a professional level of education for UFOs in product information and application to effectively sell and expand distribution.

First and foremost, everyone must be a product owner > MA household > convert spending into earning. The university promotes profitability and stability and simplifies the product brokerage offering exclusive brands. Match products to people and people to products. Each university major addresses how to get started and the career path for the respective university major.

Dennis introduced the Market America University Digital Orientation Catalog, which is a step-by-step packet that explains each major. It’s available in the US and Canada and is currently being localized for all Market America Global Markets.

Dennis invited Jason Pelland – Director of Sales and Field Development for Webcenters – out to discuss Webcenters. Jason explained how businesses are increasing digital marketing, and Webcenters can help sell digital marketing products and services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Next up was Brandi Murphy – Director of Training and Sales for nutraMetrix – who spoke about nutraMetrix. Brandi stressed that people don’t need to be sold on supplementation. They just need to be guided on what to take. The mission is to learn how to talk to doctors and get them to join nutraMetrix, which is why attending a training session is of the utmost importance.

Jim Winkler – Vice President of Sales and Field Development for Shop Financial – was the last dean to speak about his major, Shop Financial. If you would like to get control of your finances and debt, then Debt Shredder is the program for you. Debt Shredder is a smart way to save money, reduce debt, and accumulate wealth. It’s a software program that analyzes your financial situation.

Power Profile

Allison Abbott came to the stage to talk about her entrepreneurial journey. Allison’s experience is in the pizza industry, and she worked her way up to owning four pizzerias. Through her friendship with Dritan Hodo and Team Flushadelphia, Allison learned about culture and how to create a successful environment.

To close the day, Andrew and Jim closed the show by sending it backstage to Cullen and Brandi to recap the day.

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