MAIC2021: Special Commemorative Package For Ticketholders

The 2021 International Convention (#MAIC2021) is right around the corner. Do you have your tickets yet? If you do, then we have a surprise coming your way in the form of a special commemorative package!

Before #MAIC2021, all ticketholders will be sent a special commemorative package, based on the number of tickets that they purchased.

Each package will include:

  • A special #MAIC2021 commemorative T-shirt featuring the event’s theme “The Next Chapter”
  • Multiple emoji sticks to participate with during the event
  • A branded face mask
  • A branded resistance/exercise band

If you sold tickets, please forward the special packages to the people who bought your tickets.

These packages will be sent to all ticketholders regardless of how you attend #MAIC2021 (in person or online). Use these gifts to showcase your energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for International Convention. If you do plan to attend #MAIC2021 in person, bring these gifts to Greensboro. We also encourage you to wear the T-shirt to the Saturday Night Celebration.

But wait, there’s more!

In your special commemorative package, some lucky UnFranchise Owners will receive a valuable Golden Ticket. These Golden Tickets will be placed at random inside these packages. If your package includes a Golden Ticket, then you will be eligible for:

  • A $3,000 USD or equivalent credit on your account to use towards purchasing products, etc.  
  • VIP Access for you and one guest during #MAIC2021 (VIP seating and a catered breakfast and lunch).   
  • Three tickets to #MAWC2022 and the event’s ticket promo if one is offered.  

Remember that the only way to receive a commemorative package and a potential Golden Ticket is to purchase #MAIC2021 Tickets!

Not only will #MAIC2021 provide valuable business-building insight and training from field leaders, the Corporate Team, and special guests, but will also include the latest product and technology introductions and enhancements. We’re looking forward to August 26–28, where we will celebrate our success and begin the next chapter of our entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss this historic International Convention!

To purchase tickets, click on your corresponding market country below.

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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