MAIC2021: Thanks for Attending!

This event has been a truly one of a kind experience for all of us, and further proof of our ability to adapt and excel in any circumstance. This hybrid event has allowed our global UnFranchise family to unite together – some of us in person, and some of us online. Building the business is also like that. It doesn’t matter if you do it online or face to face, our business is dynamic and in-demand. We are the solution to the challenges of the modern economy, and I hope this weekend helped galvanize the belief and understanding which makes success in this business possible. 

We have one of the best business plans ever developed and the people power to make it run like clockwork – but you have to put in the time & work to get the results. I think that’s the most important takeaway from the weekend. Dritan touched on it, as did other inspirational speakers – and I agree that it takes one person to change the world. YOU are the missing ingredient in the formula for success. I hope you understand and appreciate the power which lies within you! 

When you take that people power, and combine it with the different enhancements we shared with you this weekend, it’s easy to see why the UnFranchise resonates with people all over the globe. We are leading the parade as we always have done, ahead of the curve yet again. This time with cryptocurrency! As different online retailers scramble to create a plan of action to implement things like Bitcoin, thanks to Steve Ashley – we’ve already done that!! It’s that kind of forward thinking which leads to new opportunities for UnFranchise Owners – and that’s really what we’re all about. Opportunity Amplification! I hope you experience that for yourself! 

The key is to take what you’ve learned here and apply it to your business going forward. Hold yourself accountable and help others achieve and success naturally falls into place. From the bottom of my heart – I hope it happens for you, but I also hope you realize it’s going to take action on your part to accomplish your goals. We’ve given you the roadmap but only YOU can walk the path. Your journey to success awaits. This is the next chapter. 

Keep Growing,

JR Ridinger 

JR Ridinger, CEO

JR Ridinger, CEO


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