Major News: Shopping Annuity Blog Merges With UnFranchise Blog

We have a major announcement to share regarding our blogs. The Shopping Annuity® Blog has officially joined and merged with the UnFranchise® Blog. The Shopping Annuity Blog used to be its own entity, but now, it will be featured entirely on the UnFranchise Blog.

Previously, the Shopping Annuity Blog was located at Now, if you type in that URL, it will automatically redirect you to

Despite the URL redirect, the articles on the Shopping Annuity Blog did not disappear. In fact, they’ve also moved to the UnFranchise Blog. You can find the articles at the top of the page on the toolbar in the section titled, “Shopping Annuity.” When you hover over the section, a dropdown menu with subcategories like business building, corporate team, and shopping annuity master member will appear. Clicking on these sections will bring you to past articles written about each subcategory.

We believe this change will be for the better because all of our major articles will all be in one, easy-to-find place. Now, finding Shopping Annuity themed articles will be easier and more convenient for UnFranchise Owners.

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The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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