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As a Beauty Advisor with Motives®, our goal is to provide our clients with as much personal attention as possible. Our company is centered around One-to-One Marketing, which sets us apart from many other mass-market brands. Read on to hear how you can leverage different resources to master retailing with Motives.

Furthermore, as a product brokerage company, we only source out the best of the best products across each respective category/division. We are confident that our cosmetic line is, and always will be, the highest quality at the most affordable price. This is a result of connecting the consumers directly to the product, cutting out all channels of distribution in between and any traditional means of advertising. 

Perhaps most importantly, we are able to constantly evolve with the marketplace and phase out old, antiquated products with what is trending, backed by ingredients and formulas that achieve results. Your clients will never go anywhere else after experiencing the quality of the product paired with your personal attention and service! Pride yourself on accommodating each individual client as much as possible!

Retailing With Motives

There are four ways to retail a product to a client: 

  • Personal consultation/One-to-One Marketing 
  • Online sale through your Motives website
  • Through an Online Party link 
  • Through an in person event

Personal Consultation 

Goals of a consultation: 

  1. Create relationship 
  2. Identify problems 
  3. Provide solutions 
  4. Educate client 
  5. Close sale
  6. Continue building relationship 

Check out the ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION Guide in the Motives Beauty Advisor Welcome Guide.  

Use a blank Motives Order Form or Itemized Motives Retail Receipt to complete their order and 

Online Party 

This is mainly for capturing new customers, via online marketing. You want to focus on giving people an incentive to purchase from your website and become a registered customer. Once you obtain the new customers, you can work through them (have them host online parties, etc.) to identify more customers. Keep in mind these are people you would never have had the opportunity to service otherwise, so it’s important to incentivize them up front to earn a long-term relationship. The goal is to build share of customer with these new clients by offering them additional products and services. The incentives are temporary and help in securing new retail relationships. The long-term value comes in the repeat orders: earning both retail profit and BV towards commissions. 

Check out the Motives On-Line Party Outline. It will walk you through how to have a successful online event for you or your customers.

Online Sale 

• You assist your client (through a phone call, Facebook chat, screenshare, etc.), answering their questions and providing them with product suggestions as a solution to what they’ve expressed they want or need. 

The website has so many valuable tools available, and it’s constantly being updated with new trending products.

In Person Event

Documents are available to download and print through the Support Materials section under Help & Training on The key to hosting these types of events is that it keeps the content focused and helps guests with their buying decisions, because they are experiencing product in an interactive way and gaining knowledge as well. 

A main goal is to have your guests go from event to event, which they will love to do (and bring friends) if you create an environment of professionalism and fun. Give people an experience they won’t forget and will rave about to friends! Leverage our Hostess Information Packet (available to download on to secure future event bookings. 

Try to embrace the verbiage of an event, workshop, clinic, etc., so that you truly stand out from any other brand, company or party. We want to focus on education through personal experiences and offer clients solutions. This is a much different concept than inviting a ton of people to a “party” where you spend too much money on food and drinks, guests aren’t quite sure what the expectation is, and there is no value added for them. Education and experience are key. 

1. All About Skin
2. Beauty Basics
3. It’s Your Time to Shine 
4. Blend Your Beauty 

Sarah Slusher

Sarah Slusher


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