MALS2023: Translation Headset Information

The 2023 Leadership School is one of the most unique events we’ve ever hosted because it highlights our global power in an entirely new way. We took a long look at the topics we wanted to cover and picked the very best speakers from the field based on each topic, regardless of their native language.

Why let something as simple as language hold us back from offering the very best possible training from our best and brightest leaders? So, with that in mind, everyone in the crowd will be using a translation headset from time to time to learn from different speakers, as language needs necessitate.

Obviously, you won’t have to use a headset when the speaker is using your own native language, just listen naturally. But whenever our expert speakers use a language other than your own, utilize the headsets to hear and learn.

We felt this truly international approach offers everyone the best learning experience possible, and an exciting new way to engage with our global community of entrepreneurs and industry experts!

Headsets will be distributed during the preregistration/registration process at Leadership School. We look forward to seeing everyone this week as we learn and grow together at MALS2023!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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