MAIC2018: IBV On Everything With Marc Ashley

President and COO Marc Ashley said, “We want you to earn IBV on every single dollar you spend.” With enhancements to the IBV compensation program daily, the idea of earning IBV on all purchases.

There is approximately $459 billion in US online sales. That number sounds high until you realize that over $4.8 trillion is spent offline, which makes up for 91% of commerce. E-commerce is trending in the right direction, but offline still makes up the overwhelming majority of sales. This is where IBV comes in.

IBV was created to give UFOs a new stream of income that could not come in the form of Market America Exclusive Products (BV). For everything that you can’t swap out for the MA brands, you can shop for at SHOP.COM’s Partner Stores. The shopping is still online, but it allows UnFranchise® Owners to shop at their favorite retail stores and still have the ability to fund their Shopping Annuity® .

What about offline purchases? How can UFOs earn IBV and Cashback on these purchases? First of all, what is an offline purchase? Offline purchases are that require in-person interactions. Haircuts, going out to eat, shopping at local franchises, and services like dry cleaning and picking up prescriptions. Marc said that he wants UFOs to earn IBV on these purchases, and now they can with programs like SHOP Local and Shop Pharmacy Discounts.

SHOP Local allows UFOs to support local business and earn IBV and Cashback. To earn via SHOP Local, download the SHOP mobile app, link your credit cards, and search for any local stores that are affiliated with SHOP Local. Eat, shop, and reap the rewards! Plus, if you sign up a merchant for SHOP Local, you will earn 1 % IBV on all SHOP Local purchases at that store even if it is not your order.

SHOP.COM Pharmacy Discounts is like having Shopbuddy for your prescriptions. It’s an easy-to-use platform offering huge savings on prescriptions, which can total up to 80% off on purchases and over-the-counter medication. By purchasing your prescriptions through this program, you can earn the best and cheapest deal as well as earn IBV!

The point is that Market America | SHOP.COM is working daily to make sure that you are rewarded for every purchases, whether it be online or offline. IBV is on the rise!

Marc summed it up below in his speech from MAIC2018.




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