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Marc Ashley: Shopping Annuity Branded Products With IBV

Below is a special message from President and COO of Market America Worldwide, Marc Ashley, in regards to Shopping Annuity Branded products with IBV only. Marc discussed how the SA brand will now have IBV and the importance of attending MAWC2019 in February.

Special Message from Marc Ashley


Thank you for approving last night for the company to make the Shopping Annuity Branded products with IBV only. I added the team on here and we are all ecstatic. Everyone couldn’t be more in agreement with this. It makes so much sense. This is a win win for the company and the field. This will generate more sales for BV and IBV. The Ambassadors have asked for it in the past but we didn’t have the formula to make it work. Now we do!!

Here is how it will work:

  1. Shopping Annuity Brands will now be added with IBV only. These products can be put on UF auto ship to meet a UFO’s 10,20,20 IBV accrual option as well as one cart products. Both SA brands and one-cart products can be added on the same UF Auto Ship.
  2. Since the current SA brands count towards the 500BV to meet the SAMM program when we move these products to IBV a UFO can count (a maximum of 50 IBV) the SA brands to meet their 500 BV minimum.
  3. By adding the SA brands with IBV we can now start phasing out any remaining MA products with BV/IBV. What’s great about this is it eliminates the gaming of assigning BV or IBV to same product since SA brands will be only IBV.
  4. We will start creating packages for the SA brands
  5. As we continue to add SA brands we will assess by country whether to offer BV or IBV for them.

JR’s additional note: Here are some other developments in the works that impact the BV and IBV plan and make the SA easier and better as well.

  • Several more SA-IBV products are being added and in process for IC that will make this even easier.
  • Some of the new products not for retail and for the SA can be Super IBV (Under the brands label rather than SA)
  • The SA BV products that are SA IBV products are not for retail and can still be used to hit the SAMM of 500BV because everything over 50 IBV will count for BV and the SAAM 500BV.
  • We are working on IBV groups of 10 to 20 products that you will be polled on and if they have enough votes become super IBV products and no brainers to easily do $250 to $500 higher IBV or the SA or SAAM and they will either be equal or lower cost with high IBV OR much lower cost with some IBV and no shipping problem. These are products that you are shopping for and buying or spending every month on and now you and your team will be saving $ and getting higher IBV. You don’t have to search or find them – they will be in a package or special list to just click and order and will be able to be on auto ship!. This will make it much easier to hit the SAMM and regardless they are something everyone will buy because they are already spending the $ and it will spike the IBV accumulation and plan.
  • We are working on monthly continuity programs and gift cards and things like Restaurant. com and Ristelli (food-meals -meets shipped monthly) with great prices and 10% to 25% IBV that are easy to do and generate savings and higher IBV. All of this will serve to spike the IBV. Stay tuned!

The team has a meeting this week to review the amount of SA products in each country to meet the 10,20 30 IBV month to month accrual option and determine launch dates. We will keep you updated as this unfolds. There is a lot to look forward to and every month it gets better. Be sure to vote when we poll as it is your business and you are the ones that make it happen and decide what we can do.

The big point is: it just keeps getting better and better week after week and month after month… Get on board now and BE AT WORLD CONFERENCE!

– Marc Ashley

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