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Marc Ashley Awarded UNCG Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award 2020


When they’re not busy changing the world of business, Market America’s leaders are continuously showing us why they are such revolutionary minds. Marc Ashley, President & Chief Operating Officer of Market America Worldwide was named the 2020 recipient of UNCG’s Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award. His driving passion and distinct talent is nothing short of honorable. This year the annual award took place on Thursday, February 13th at UNCG’s Elliot University Center in the Cone Ballroom. The Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Award is presented by the UNCG Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program and the Bryan School of Business and Economics, honors exceptional, innovative entrepreneurship activities and success that make a major difference to the industry and the greater community.

Now the President & Chief Operating Officer of Market America Worldwide, Marc grew up in Greensboro, went to high school here, majored in Business Administration at UNCG & graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Marc became an entrepreneur at the young age of 18 with his sister (Loren Ashley Ridinger) & brother-in-law (James Ridinger). In 1992, their offices, boardroom and warehouse consisted of a garage in their small home in Greensboro, NC. Today, the company has operations in 8 countries (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia & Malaysia). We’d be lying if we didn’t say that’s quite an outstanding expansion. Marc continuously proves that a company’s success is not just a direct result of the company itself, but a result of the passionate people that enrich it from within.

“It is vital to bring on great people to surround & support yourself with. Companies don’t make people great. People make companies great. That’s where many entrepreneurs get caught up.  They want to be the smartest person at the company.  They want to be the person with all of the ideas.  That approach is only going to hurt and limit you.  You must always want to be willing to learn more.  Bring on people who are better & smarter than you,”  said Ashley.

From just 3 employees in 1992, today the Company has created over 1,000 jobs domestically and internationally.  The company’s global websites, including SHOP.COM, are consistently ranked among the best & most popular on the internet to date. With people as driven as Marc Ashley, they will continue to make groundbreaking moves, further proving that we should pay attention to who’s behind the curtain.

Market America | SHOP.COM is a global product brokerage & internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing.

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