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Market America features numerous exclusive products ranging from health to beauty and everything in between. Our impressive collection of award winning brands is a prime resource for your business and selling power simply because there’s a product for everyone! With all the options available, where do you begin? Well first, you must know your customer’s needs. Do they want to improve their health, lose weight? Or are they more interested in cosmetics that match their skin tone? Are they seeking safe baby products? Once you identify your customer’s needs, you can then introduce them to best selling products of our Market America brands! Read on for a list of the top three sellers of our favorite MA brands!


TLS Weight Loss Solution:

TLS Nutrition Shakes – Whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscle, TLS Nutrition Shakes provide a quick and easy snack between meals to satisfy hunger, or can be used as meal replacement shakes in conjunction with your TLS Weight Loss Solution program.

TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor – Compared to most supplements for weight loss on the market, TLS® CORE was created to deal specifically with the issues related to leptin sensitivity. TLS CORE may help promote appetite suppression, and helps stop the body from converting excess sugar into fat.

 TLS Tonalin® CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – If you’re looking to reduce overall body fat – including that stubborn belly fat – and preserve lean muscle, try TLS Tonalin CLA for weight loss success.


DNA Miracles:

OPC-3 Chews – DNA Miracles OPC-3 Chews provide a strong antioxidant defense for every cell in your child’s body, contributing to the maintenance of brain health and circulation.

Chewable Probiotics – Contains five billion colony forming units from five carefully selected bacterial strains, and is formulated to help ensure your child receives the full benefits of the selected probiotics. Each probiotics strain used in DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics has a unique, proven role to help support children’s digestive health.

Essential Omega 3 – Omega-3 fatty acids are especially important in childhood when the brain – which is made up of approximately 60 percent fat – and immune system are developing. To help make sure your children are getting enough of these essential nutrients, give them DNA Miracles™ Essential Omega 3.



Makeup Remover Towelettes – Perfect for travel, these handy wipes gently cleanse the skin. They remove all types of makeup, even long-wearing formulas, without leaving behind an oily residue.

Luxe Precision Eye Line – A moisturizing water- and smudge-proof felt-tip liquid liner that contours and lines the eyes with precision. Keep your eyes looking freshly lined all day and into the night.

10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray – A setting spray that mists on to keep makeup from smudging or settling into fine lines. Keep your makeup looking vibrant all day with skin that has a glowing, dewy, youthful complexion.



Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics –  By offering the unique blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics, Isotonix Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promotes digestion, absorption of nutrients, supports a healthy digestive tract, healthy immune system and may help ease occasional stomach upset.

OPC-3 – Isotonix OPC-3 is one of the most revolutionary nutritional supplements available today. From promoting your cardiovascular health by helping you maintain healthy blood vessels and showing anti-inflammatory activity, Isotonix OPC-3 provides complete antioxidant protection thanks to its unique formula.

Calcium Plus – Isotonix Calcium Plus includes vitamin D3 and magnesium, two ingredients that are necessary to aid in the absorption and use of calcium – essential for building and maintaining strong bones.



Triple Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent – Clean the toughest stains while being gentle on your clothing with Snap Triple Enzyme 3X Laundry Detergent. Three times more powerful than standard detergents, Snap laundry detergent removes layers of grime with innovative enzyme cleansing technology.

Dishwashing Liquid – Pamper your hands while you wash your dishes when you use Snap Dishwashing Liquid. This superior cleaning formula removes the toughest grease and grime, but it’s made with gentle ingredients that don’t dry out your skin or harm the environment.

Home & Shop Cloth – Clean a variety of surfaces with the high-quality Snap Home & Shop Cloth. This cleaning cloth product is designed to remove paint, rust and other similar types of stains from surfaces made from a variety of materials, including gold, chrome, aluminum, enamel, ceramic and other elements.


What product has been your #1 top seller in your business? Tell us in the comments below. 

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