Market America Explains Why Plankton Extract May Just Be Your Skin’s New BFF When Treating Skin Dimpling

From the moment we wake up, someone or something demands our time and attention. It starts with our alarm clock going off and then continues with all of the things we need to do to get ourselves, and maybe others in our home, ready so that everyone who needs to be somewhere heads out the door to get where they need to be on time. If all of this sounds like a typical day in your home, you may be like millions of others who have little to no time for themselves, much less actually reading a few articles about what’s new in skincare. That’s why Market America | SHOP.COM is here to help give you the quick version of why plankton extract may just be your skin’s new best friend forever (BFF) when it comes to smoothing out the appearance of skin dimpling.

You may have heard the term “skin dimpling” or “dimpled skin.” This can usually be found on a person’s thighs, hips, belly and booty. Skin dimpling happens when fat cells push up against the skin and create an uneven surface or dimpling. Something that can help to reduce the appearance of unwanted dimpling is Lipout™* or a proprietary plankton extract.

What Is Plankton Extract?

Plankton extract is microalgae, typically found in oceans, lakes and ponds and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are the building blocks of healthy cells.

What Can Lipout™ (Plankton Extract) Do?
• Reduce the appearance of unwanted dimpling on stubborn areas like the thighs, tummy, arms and booty
• Support skin elasticity and firmness
• Help skin to feel more supple
• Moisturize the skin for a smoother healthy appearance

Although you can find a number of products on the market today that include microalgae, one product that contains Lipout™ (plankton extract) is Lumiere de Vie® Sculpting Crème**. The product is also paraben-free.

*LIPOUT™ is a registered trademark of Provital, S.A

** Lumiere de Vie® is a registered trademark of Lumiere de Vie, LLC

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