Market America Expresses its Commitment to Community Health & Happiness Through Generous Donations

Health & Nutrition is one of Market America’s primary focuses, and we make it our mission to offer support in many ways, one of which is donating to vital health centers such as Cone Health MedClinic for Women and Mustard Seed Community Health.

In addition to health, we also know the significance of a kind act during a hard time, which is why we donate necessities as well as beauty supplies to Alamance Presbyterian Church and Leslie’s House — so people can look and feel their best while getting back on their feet.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our products have not only impacted consumers worldwide but right here at home in Greensboro. In donating to these centers, we hope to enhance the well-being of those who need it most for our community to thrive.

Empowering Women’s Well-being: Market America Supports Cone Health MedClinic for Women and Leslie’s House

Understanding the unique health needs of women, Market America’s contribution to Cone Health MedClinic for Women aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services. Cone Health MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway goes beyond the offerings of a medical office building; this re-imagined facility includes services and experiences designed to empower individuals to take an active role in their wellness journey. They provide exercise guidance, cooking instructions, and more to make healthier lifestyle choices easier. In donating to Cone Health, we will aid in expanding the clinic’s resources, enabling it to provide comprehensive care and support to women in the community.

But the services we support don’t stop in Greensboro. In High Point, Leslie’s House provides a safe haven for women experiencing homelessness, offering 22 beds (14 during COVID-19 regulations), hot meals, clothing, case management, Life Skills classes, and most importantly: hope. Residents have a safe and nurturing place to stay while stabilizing their lives and making plans for the future, which we hope will take some benefit from our donation.

Fostering Community Wellness: Contribution to Mustard Seed Community Health and Alamance Presbyterian Church

Continuing its legacy of community involvement, Market America’s donation to Mustard Seed Community Health underscores its commitment to holistic wellness. Everyone deserves to enjoy a full, healthy life with access to high-quality care. At Mustard Seed, their patients find friendly, low-cost or no-cost healthcare resources close to home. Our contribution will support the clinic in its mission to offer affordable healthcare to underserved populations, ensuring a healthier community for all.

Additionally, Alamance Presbyterian Church provides service to the community through local partnerships with nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Greensboro Urban Ministries, Peacehaven Community Farm, and Meals on Wheels while maintaining their own service initiatives with a Food Pantry and Child Development Center. In donating to Alamance, we extend our reach to do the most good through a program that is desperate and deserving of resources.

At Market America, we strongly believe in the power of social responsibility to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, especially in areas of critical need such as healthcare, housing, and food pantries. We encourage you to engage with your local service organizations and reach out to Cone Health MedClinic for Women, Leslie’s House, Mustard Seed Community Health, and Alamance Presbyterian Church if you would like to donate or volunteer:

For more information about Market America’s community initiatives and its contributions to Cone Health MedClinic for Women, Leslie’s House, Mustard Seed Community Health, and Alamance Presbyterian Church, please contact Mariah Ashley at

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