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Market America Ranks 16th in the 2019 Business North Carolina Top 125

Market America ranked #16 in the Business North Carolina Top 125 for 2019. Yet another highlight in a stellar year for the company, the Business North Carolina recognition reaffirms Market America’s position as an invaluable and truly essential corporate presence in the region, bringing an ever-increasing stream of revenue to the community and employing nearly 1,000 of the Triad’s best and brightest. Market America, under the intrepid leadership of founder and CEO JR Ridinger, continues to experience seemingly unstoppable success — earning accolade, revenue, and an ever-expansive surge of growth that proves to benefit not just the company and its employees, but the entire community. The company, along with the 124 others in this elite class, is a key driver of economic prosperity for the state and is unwavering in its commitment to give back to its company in myriad ways.

Business North Carolina has published its annual list of the largest privately held companies in North Carolina since the mid-1980s. Primarily based on revenue, this prestigious award recognizes companies that have shown tremendous resilience over the years — demonstrating consistency, even through periods of economic downturn, while also experiencing explosive growth. Market America has experienced an abundance of major, sustained growth as of late, regularly shattering its own records for revenue and building upon the signature, customer-focused innovations that define it as a company.

From the life-changing UnFranchise® Business model that empowers everyday people to become successful entrepreneurs to its multiple award-winning e-commerce platform, SHOP.COM, Market America’s tireless efforts to bring value to peoples’ lives are paying off immensely. As an individual, wholly owned subsidiary under the visionary leadership of Market America, SHOP.COM never fails to amaze the retail industry, stunning watchdogs and consumers alike with its remarkable innovations. Its trademark program, the Shopping Annuity®, is the first of its kind: a game-changing initiative that allows people to earn money on SHOP.COM purchases by converting spending into savings on everyday items they already buy. And everybody’s raving about the site’s Cashback program, which has awarded almost $45 million in Cashback to shoppers to date. Whether it’s through the company’s digital platform or the tangible, person-to-person connections it inspires between the people who participate in its transformative business initiatives, Market America continues to raise the industry’s standards of excellence in virtually every medium.

Market America is a global product brokerage and internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing.

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