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Market America Sales Team Summit Promises Bright Future In 2018

When some of the best minds in Market America come together, the meeting is full of magic moments.

Last week, members from the Market America’s executive sales team met in Miami for the Sales Team Summit. The Summit served as a meeting to explore new ideas, hash out any problems, discuss plans for 2018. The Summit came at a perfect time because of its close proximity to MAWC2018.

The team that met in Miami are some of the best people that we have in this company. They include: JR Ridinger, Dennis Franks, Kevin Buckman, Andrew Weissman, Jim Winkler, Chris Peddycord, Peter Gold, Charles Baer, Elsi Pacheco, Phil Guido, and Dana Galpern.

Whenever our executive teams meet, the UnFranchise Owners are always at the heart of every discussion. The theme revolves around how to make Market America and the UnFranchise Business better for UFOs. Those at the Summit made it a priority to discuss the uberization of the Shopping Annuity, the new Shopping Annuity Assessment, the GMTSS, and how to protect the UnFranchise from those who harm and game the system.

Remember how we earlier mentioned MAWC2018? Well, the good news is that the Sales Team will share a lot of their ideas from the Summit at MAWC2018 so make sure you are in Miami this February! Check out some of the photos from the Summit.

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