Market America Shares 2020’s Top Three Holiday Tips To Save You Time And Earn Cashback All Season Long

With Thanksgiving upon us, so is the holiday season. That means some of us have already been preparing a gift list while others have actually made a few purchases and the vast majority are still trying to comprehend how November got here in the first place. Well, no matter what stage of the holiday shopping game you find yourself, Market America is here to help with 2020’s top three holiday must haves to save time and earn cashback all season long.

Contactless Curbside Pickup (Buy Online, At Store Delivery)
No doubt about it. Convenience is king when it comes to shopping and ecommerce has revolutionized retail. One way you can get what you want without waiting more than two days for delivery while also avoiding high shipping fees is through contactless curbside pickup. Giving you the choice and flexibility you want, contactless curbside pickup allows you to (i) purchase online, (ii) receive an email or text when your order is ready, (iii) drive to the store and park in a designated pickup section, (iv) enter your vehicle and parking information through the store’s app and (v) have a store employee bring out your order and place it in the trunk of your car, all without making any contact. Click here to access a variety of stores that are offering contactless curbside pickup during the holiday season.

SHOP.COM Cashback Program
While there are many sites that offer cash back, they also apply many stipulations and limitations on how and when you can use your cashback. Look at Ebates: Online shoppers can cash out when they have earned $5.01 or more — but Ebates only offers payouts every three months, with the money online you have earned over the previous quarter. You might consider this a clunky and inconvenient system. Compare this with SHOP.COM’s Cashback program where you have much better options. For example, you can leave the money earned in your Cashback account, using these funds only when you want or need to – sort of like a rainy day or holiday savings account and we don’t have a minimum requirement. Another option is to have the earnings electronically deposited to your own bank account.

Online Double (We Mean Triple) Dipping
Some credit cards offer programs that allow you to get increased cash back. With many, you get 1 percent cash back on purchases and another 1 percent when those purchases are paid off. SHOP.COM gives you a much richer return for your loyalty. First, you buy a gift card that offers cash back. Then, you use the gift card to purchase something from a participating online partner store. When you do this, you receive cash back on the gift card purchase and cash back on the purchases made with the gift card. This is known as “double dipping.” And while you’re at it, if you like two scoops, why not go for three? On SHOP.COM, you can “triple dip” when you use your SHOP.COM credit card (which pays cash back) to purchase the gift card. Even more, you can earn cash back from your offline purchases when you shop at businesses in your local area that participate in SHOP.COM’s SHOP Local Program. Be sure to check out if your local stores are also offering contactless curbside pickup!

When it comes to holiday shopping, you can get what you want and take advantage of the extras that ecommerce businesses like SHOP.COM are offering throughout this season and beyond!

Market America | SHOP.COM is a global product brokerage and internet marketing company that specializes in one-to-one marketing and is the creator of The Shopping Annuity®.

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