Market America Shares Three Creative Ways To Spend Time Indoors As We Head Into Colder Weather


If you’re a parent, you have probably heard this phrase a million times – “I’m bored!” With colder weather on the way, expect to hear this phrase another million times. Or perhaps Market America can help with three fun ideas to keep that phrase at bay…for a little while.

1. Film A Newscast
Let’s face it. Whatever you do to add some fun and laughter at home, remember it’s important how you say what’s going to happen. For instance, telling the family “we get to” instead of “we have to” may go over a bit better. Another thing to consider is what ages and what personalities are part of the dynamics of your own family. As an example, playing dress up or enjoying a game of backgammon may not go over well with a 16-year-old unless there are electronics involved or, at least a smartphone. So, with this in mind, why not film a family newscast – “Night Time At Your House.” While some teens may prefer to be behind the videophone, others will want to be the ones interviewing and creating comical content in front of the camera. You can set up a makeshift news desk for a news anchor, use various rooms as your live locations where interviews take place and don’t forget a heart-to-heart interview with the family pet! With the footage you will end up with, it’s definitely going to be something for the family archives.

2. Host An International Meal Extravaganza
Once again, keeping in mind the level of interest to participate, you can be as basic as ordering pizza and fixing various PB&J sandwiches with unique jellies and jams or have fun with lunch meats and a multitude of unique cheeses, while adding some chocolates from Switzerland, Belgium or Germany. Otherwise, you can take it up a notch or two and let each family member choose which country they want to represent, have each person do a bit of research and provide you with two or three things or even a list of ingredients for one dish to add to an online grocery shopping order. Make the prep work and cooking a family experience as well. Play your favorite tunes and make a smorgasbord of wonderful, tasty treats that the entire family can experience!

3. Spa Night For Two (No Kids Allowed!)
Let’s consider the possibility that you have the evening with your partner…alone! That’s right. You don’t hear various types of music blasting from different rooms, no one is slamming doors, kids aren’t fighting over toys or time in the bathroom or whatever your usual “day in the life” experience is. You know for one night – or at least for a few hours – you and your partner finally have some quality alone time. It may be excitement enough to find the remote and do a little Netflix binge watching with some snacks or, if you want to take it up a notch, why not plan a spa night for two? There are so many great things – masks for your face, lips, hands and feet, vibrating foot massagers, hot stone massage kits – that take little to no effort but provide a relaxing experience. Just dim the lights, light some candles, add a little incense and some music to chill by. Then, take turns treating each other to some luxury TLC!

No matter what you do, just use your imagination and remember your family’s dynamics. Little ones may be thrilled with a super hero dress up day while the latest bestseller may be perfect for someone who just likes to curl up with a good book. Also, don’t discount simply printing out a crossword puzzle, playing a family board game or jigsaw puzzle or having a Lego building contest. While some families will jump at the chance to do something together, some families can also benefit from knowing someone loves them just the way they are and plan accordingly. At the end of the day, as long as there’s a bit of peace and harmony within your four walls, you can be sure that hearing “I’m bored” will have to wait for another day.

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